Gulf Racing Fuels Return to Competition

One of the most iconic motorsport brands, Gulf Racing Fuels, has announced its return to the global grid, offering a range of high-quality fuels across a number of disciplines.

Gulf Racing Fuels will supply the race, rally, road and historic markets globally across all levels – from amateur motorsport and aftermarket sales, to the highest levels of international professional competition and OEMs. Its product portfolio includes both leaded and unleaded fuels, with various impressive octane and performance levels suitable for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines.

“The Gulf brand is linked with winning, whatever the category or discipline. It truly is a name that rings through the ages,” commented Mark Ticen, director of operations, Gulf Racing Fuels. “Our desire for innovation and passion for excellence will see Gulf Racing Fuels deliver performance advantage to race teams, amateur racers and the aftermarket, through high-quality fuels and an unrivalled depth of technical expertise – all backed by the iconic blue and orange colour scheme recognised around the world.”

Gulf Racing Fuels is launching its fuel blends to market globally via a dedicated blending facility in Europe. Race, rally, performance and historic fuels are now all available, with each product tailored to the unique requirements of the specific series.

“An engine’s overall performance is dependent on a number of factors, including what fuel you choose to run. It is this understanding which the Gulf brand has perfected over more than a century of intense research and development,” continued Ticen. “Gulf Racing Fuels couples that approach with unrivalled customer service that differentiates us from the rest of the grid. Our main aim, linked with our passion, is to ensure that everyone who uses Gulf Racing Fuels exceeds ambitions, be it quicker lap times, race success or engine efficiency and performance.”

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