Kubota Confirms Le Mans Group C Pole

Image: Porsche 962C of Henrik Lindbergh 

The cooler evening air suited the Group C field in their second qualifying session for the Le Mans Classic with most cars going quicker and first session poleman Katso Kubota lopping over five seconds off his time to stay quickest. The Porsche 962 of Tommy Dreelan and Aaron Scott, which had not set a time earlier in the day, was second quickest ahead of the France family 962.

The rapid Spice of Julien Piguet will line up fourth for the noon race, having also improved by five seconds, with Michael Lyons fifth, the Briton only fractionally improving on his first session time.

Group C Combined Qualifying Times (* denotes first session time):

1 Katso Kubota (Nissan R90CK) 3m50.612s
2 Tommy Dreelan/Aaron Scott (Porsche 962) 3m54.304s
3 Pierre-Alain France/Erwin France (Porsche 962C) 3m55.967s
4 Julien Piguet (Spice SE89C) 3m58.047s
5 Michael Lyons (Gebhardt C91) 3m58.200s
6 Dominique Geunat (Peugeot 905 EV1 Bis) 3m58.539s *
7 Gareth Evans (Nissan RC93) 3m57.783s
8 Ivan Vercoutre/Ralf Kelleners (Porsche 962C) 3m59.068s
9 Steve Tandy (Spice SE90 GTP) 4m01.576s
10 Eric Richenbacher (Cheetah G606) 4m04.756s
11 Romain Dumas (Porsche 962C) 4m06.171s
12 Eric de Doncker (Spice SE90) 4m07.226s
13 Shaun Lynn (Mercedes-Benz C11) 4m08.441s *
14 Frederic Da Rocha/Pierre de Thoisy (Spice SE88C) 4m11m117s
15 Jean-Marc Merlin (Spice SE90) 4m12.774s
16 Martin O’Connell (March 84G) 4m14.047s
17 Henrik Lindbergh (Porsche 962) 4m14.181s
18 Tim Summers (Lancia LC2) 4m18.385s *
19 Douglas Titford/Trevor Reeves (EMKA C84/1) 4m19.227s
20 Massimo Guerra (GKW 862) 4m21.300s

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