Jaguar Tops Le Mans Group C Times

Night qualifying shuffled the Group C order at Le Mans, with eight out of the top ten quickest times coming in the cooler temperatures of the second session. The Jaguar XJR-12 of Ivan Vercoutere and Alex Mueller was quickest, and the only car to duck under 3m50s, almost two seconds clear of the Nissan R90 CK of Katsu Kuboto that ran well here two years ago before suffering a fuel problem.

One thing to watch for in the race will be the synchronised pit stops for the cars first and third on the grid - Ivan Vercoutere being down to drive both!

Group C, Combined Times:
1 Ivan Vercoutere/Alex Mueller (Jaguar XJR-12) 3m49.332s
2 Katsu Kubota (Nissan R90 CK) 3m51.346s
3 Ivan Vercoutere/Ralf Kelleners (Porsche 962C) 3m51.461s (Session One Time)
4 Michel Lecourt/Raymond Narac (Porsche 962C) 3m52.304s
5 Rob Huff (Spice SE89P) 3m53.641s
6 Kriton Lendoudis/Rui Aguas (Mercedes Benz C11) 3m54.105s
7 Erik Maris (Peageot 905 EV1 Bis) 3m54.483s (Session One Time)
8 Michiel Campagne/Allard Kalff (Spice SE92 GTP) 3m54.782s
9 Michael Lyons (Gebhardt C91) 3m55.798s
10 Tommy Dreelan/Aaron Scott (Porsche 962C) 4m00.291s

Group C Combined Times

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