Final NZ F5000 Races Confirmed On - Then Confirmed Off Hours Later

These are fast changing times and yesterday evening we received an email saying that the final round of the 2019/20 SAS Autoparts MSC NZ F5000 Tasman Cup Revival Series was going ahead this weekend at Hampton Downs. Well aware of the current pandemic sweeping the world, the organisers had a cunning plan for spreading competitors out across two pit areas, not holding drivers’ meetings etc, and working to reduce physical contact at all times - with entries being handled electronically with no live interaction between competitors and officials.

Huzzah we thought, we can start today’s news run with a chink of light at the end of a potentially very long tunnel that racing may continue in some form, and the Paul Fahey Legends of Speed meeting in particular.

Alas…just eight hours later we get word that event organisers have felt compelled by the ongoing medical issues world-wide to cancel:

“In light of the escalating COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation and after lengthy discussions with all of the parties involved, the decision has been made to postpone the Paul Fahey Legends of Speed Meeting until a later date.

“The Historic Racing Club are declaring a Force Majeure event.

“We have taken advice from Deb Day, Clerk of Course and other officials. We also spoke with Paul Fahey and it was his wish that the meeting was postponed. It is important that everyone protects themselves and those they hold dear.

“We are sorry for those of you who are disappointed, as indeed are we, but the event WILL be held at a later date when the situation is more settled.

“As this is a postponement, we will hold all entries open until the re-scheduled meeting.

“We would also like to acknowledge the efforts of The Motorsport Club, Hampton Downs Circuit and MSNZ who we have worked with at length this week to try and keep the event running.

“Thank you for your understanding.”

This is a situation we have seen several times already as the virus effects every aspect of life across the world-wide, and also forces organisations into rapid re-evaluations of their situation and responsibilities. We live in strange times, look after yourselves and those around you.

Glenn Richards, Lola T400

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