Ward and Smith Win Spa Six Hours

Chris Ward and Andrew Smith won this evening’s Spa Six Hour race, running the final part of the race a lap clear of Georg Nolte, Frank Stippler and Michael Funke. IT was GT40s in the first five places, white Aston Martin Wolfgang Fredric’s, Simin Hadfield and Michael Mallock first non-Ford home with a fine sixth overall.

Spa Six Hours, Provisional Results:
1 (55) GTP WARD Chris (GB) SMITH Andrew (GB) (Ford GT40) 99 Laps
2 (9) GTP NOLTE Georg (DE) STIPPLER Frank (DE) FUNKE Michael (DE) (Ford GT40) 98 Laps
3 (1) GTP WRIGHT Jason (IT) GANS Michael (CH) WOLFE Andy (GB) (Ford GT40) 96 Laps
4 (17) GTP LYNN Shaun (GB) HADDON Andrew (GB) (Ford GT40) 94 Laps
5 (3) GTP GRAF VON OEYNHAUSEN Marcus (DE) ADORF Dirk (DE) (Ford GT40) 94 Laps
6 (87) GTS12 FRIEDRICHS Wolfgang (DE) HADFIELD Simon (GB) MALLOCK Michael (GB) (Aston Martin GT DP214) 94 Laps
7 (13) GTS10 WILSON Graham (LU) STIRLING Oliver (GB) PITTARD David (GB) (Lotus Elan 26R) 94 Laps
8 (104) GTP FATEMI Afschin (DE) D’IETEREN Nicolas (BE) (Porsche 904) 94 Laps
9 (5) GTP WOOD Tony (GB) STRETTON Martin (GB) (Ford GT40) 93 Laps
10 (26) GTS10 DAVISON John (GB) MORRIS Ed (GB) (Lotus Elan 26R) 93 Laps
11 (194) GTP MACEDO SILVA Rui (PT) MACEDO SILVA Pedro (PT) JORGE Joaquim (PT) (Ford GT40 Roadster) 93 Laps
12 (18) GTP MEADEN Richard (GB) O’CONNELL Martin (GB) WALLACE A./PADMORE N. (GB) (Ford GT40) 93 Laps
13 (15) GTS12 BARNES Dominic (GB) Mc INTYRE Jamie (GB) (Shelby Cobra) 92 Laps
14 (92) GTS12 THOMAS Julian (GB) LOCKIE Callum (GB) HARRIS Chris (GB) (Jaguar E-Type) 92 Laps
15 (11) GTS10 SCHRYVER Michael (GB) SCHRYVER Will (GB) WELLER Marcus (GB) (lotus Elan 26R) 91 Laps
16 (23) GTS12 REUBEN Nigel (GB) REUBEN Oliver Lewis (GB) JORDAN Mike (GB) (TVR Griffith) 91 Laps
17 (98) GTP MAHMOUD Tarek (GB) MAHMOUD Galal (LB) AUDI Gregory (FR) (Ford GT40) 90 Laps
18 (111) GTS12 DE LATRE DU BOSQUEAU Thierry (BE) CLOSE José (BE) (Shelby Cobra) 90 Laps
19 (8) GTS12 CLARK John (GB) KEEN Phil (GB) GRIFFITHS Miles (GB) (Jaguar E-Type Lightweight) 90 Laps
20 (34) GTP WILLS Roger (GB) LITTLEJOHN James (GB) (Ford GT40) 90 Laps
Fastest Lap: NOLTE Georg (DE) STIPPLER Frank (DE) FUNKE Michael (DE) 2m41.673s (155.959kmh)

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