Spa Six-Hours Qualifying - GT40s Dominate

As expected it was the GT40s dominating the top of the timesheet after qualifying for today’s Spa Six-Hour race, Oiver and Grahame Bryant sharing the car with James Cottingham to be quickest by over half a second, The entire top ten is GT40s, John Minshaw and Phil Keen the eleventh in their E-Type that went so well last week at Goodwood the best of the rest.

Where would we put our money? There are strong line-ups all the way down the grid but the trio of Richard Meaden, Nick Padmore and Martin O’Connell looks very well balanced and could be a strong bet for a good finish!

The race starts at 15.55 today

1 O Bryant/G Bryant/J Cottingham (Ford GT40) 2m43.207s (
2 M Count Oyenhausen/N Verdonck (Ford GT40) 2m43.954s
3 R Meaden/N Padmore/M O’Connell (Ford GT40)2m44.239s
4 G Wright/O Hancock (Ford GT40) 2m44.784s
5 T Wood/M Stretton (Ford GT40) 2m45.319s
6 J Farley/E van de Poele (Ford GT40) 2m45.551s
7 R Wills/J Littlejohn (Ford GT40) 2m45.788s
8 J Wright/M Gans/A Wolfe (Ford GT40) 2m46.783s
9 C Birkett/J Twyman (Ford GT40) 2m48.070s
10 D Hart/O Hart/N Pastorelli (Ford GT40) 2m49.060s
Other Classes:

11 J Minshaw/P Keen (Jaguar E-Type)
20 D Pittard/S Balfe/O Stirling (Lotus Elan 26R)
25 R Hamilton/D Molenaar/P Vermast (Marcos 1800 GT)
33 C van Lanschot/C Milner/N Greensall (Ford Mustang)
56 B White/J Payne (Triumph TR4 SLR)
G Miller/L Goble (Aston Martin DB4)
110 O Blanpain/V Janssens/R Hinderyckx (Austin Healey 100M)

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