Wright, Gans and Wolfe Claim Spa Six-Hours Honours

The GT40 shared by Jason Wright, Michael Gans and Andy Wolfe won the 2016 Spa Six-Hours race by a lap, GT40s dominating all the way and filling the overall top three slots. From sixth on the grid the car dropped to the bottom end of the top ten in the early laps, and was running sixth early in the second hour, fifty seconds down on the lead car.

As the race progressed and rivals hit issues, the Chris Ward and Andrew Smith GT40 that set fastest lap ending up way down the order with seven pit stops against its name, the car hit the front in the latter laps to take fine win, quickest car on the track in the few minutes. 

Leading non-GT40 was a superb performance from the TVR Griffith of Mike Whitaker, Nigel Reuben and Eugene O’Brien to come home fourth. 

Race Result:

1 WRIGHT Jason (I)/GANS Michael (CH)/WOLFE Andy (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 97 Laps
2 WOOD Tony (GB)/STRETTON Martin (GB) (Ford GT40) +1m32.688s
3 DAVIES Craig (GB)/YOUNG John (GB)/NEWELL Andy (GB) (Ford GT40) 95 Laps
4 WHITAKER Mike (GB)/REUBEN Nigel (GB)/O’BRIEN Eugene (GB) (TVR Griffith) 94 Laps
5 MEINS Richard (GB)/LILLINGSTON PRICE Chris (GB)/HUFF Rob (GB) (Ford GT40) 94 Laps
6 COTTINGHAM James (GB)/GIRARDO Max (GB)/HART Olivier (NL) (SHELBY Cobra) GTS12 93 Laps
7 WAKEMAN Frederic (GB)/BLAKENEY-EDWARDS Patrick (GB)/HALL Andrew (GB) (Jaguar E-Type) GTS12 92 Laps
8 HENDERSON Gavin (GB)/HENDERSON Rory (GB)/FISKEN Gregor (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 92 Laps
9 LYNN Shaun (GB)/HADDON Andrew (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 91 Laps
10 WILSON Graham (L)/STIRLING Oliver (GB)/COX Dan (GB) (LOTUS Elan 26R) GTS10 91 Laps
11 SCHRYVER Michael (GB)/SCHRYVER Will (GB)/TWYMAN Joe (GB) (LOTUS Elan 26R Shapecraft) GTS10 91 Laps
12 DAVISON John (GB)/MORRIS Ed (GB) (LOTUS Elan 26R) GTS10 90 Laps
13 SLEEP Nick (GB)/SLEEP Dem (GB)/WYKEHAM Joel (GB) (FORD Shelby Mustang 350 GT) GTS12
14 FREEMAN Mark (GB)/ARMSTRONG Nigel (GB) (SHELBY Cobra) GTS12 90 Laps
15 CLARK John (GB)/REDHOUSE Howard (GB)/SHAW Richard (GB) (JAGUAR E-Type Lightweight) GTS12 90 Laps
16 KING Nicholas (GB)/OLDERSHAW Robert (GB)/TAYLOR Mark (GB) (FORD Mustang) CT10 89 Laps
17 RUDDELL Nicholas (GB)/RIMER Peter (GB)/CROFTON Robert (GB) (FORD Mustang Notchback) CT10 89 Laps
18 SMITH Tom (GB)/LAWLEY Andrew (GB) (MGB) GTS11 89 Laps
19 HAMUNEN Henry (FI)/HILTUNEN Peter (FI) (FORD Shelby Mustang 350 GT) GTS12 89 Laps
20 WILHELM Bernard (F)/GRANDIDIER Jean-Yves (F)/DUTHOIT Eric (B) (JAGUAR E-Type) GTS12 89 Laps

Fastest Lap: WARD Chris (GB)/SMITH Andrew (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m45.704s

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