Video: High-Flying Nuthall Takes Both HGPCA Races in South Africa

Driving Giorgio Marchi’s Cooper-Climax T53, Briton Will Nuthall won both races as the Historic Grand Prix Cars Association left its debut mark on the 19th Passion for Power event at Zwartkops in South Africa on Saturday. Combating searing heat and altitude - the circuit is 5,000 feet above sea level - which caused myriad misfires, Nuthall fought off stout challenges from top qualifier Andrew Beaumont (UDT/Laystall Lotus 18), Peter Horsman (ex-Tony Shelly Lotus 18/21) and feisty 1500cc class winner Chris Drake (Cooper-Ford t/c T70/73). 

Chasing Drake were the Alfa Romeo-engined cars of Dutchman Eddy Perk (ex-Ernie Pieterse Heron), American Daytona 24 Hours veteran Brad Hoyt (ex-Syd Van der Vyver Lotus 18), Briton Geoff Underwood (ex-Trevor Blokdyk (Cooper T56/59) and Belgian Arnold Herreman in one of the LDS cars built locally by Doug Serrurier. Former FIA Historic champion Greg Thornton’s LDS was thwarted by engine failures. These cars contested the National Championships and Springbok Series of the ‘60s.

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