Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival this Weekend

The Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival this weekend will see over 400-racers take to the California circuit. For the 2017 event the SVRA will feature the Sensational ‘60s, in recognition of the fast changing design and technology innovations of that influential decade.

A wide variety of the classic race cars will be in action, with 13 of the SVRA’s race groups qualifying and racing over the three days. Marques present range form classic Bugattis to some of the best-known names of the sport such as Alfa Romeo, Corvette, Ferrari and Lotus.

On Saturday night, a select group of historic race cars will leave the circuit under California Highway Patrol escort and drive into Sonoma itself for a parade lap round the town square. After that the cars will be on display to the public.

There is testing at the track today, with official practice starting at 8am tomorrow morning (Friday 2nd of June). Qualifying starts at 8am Saturday with the first race set for 1.25pm with 13 more races that afternoon.

Sunday see the Feature Races for each group with Group 5 starting the day’s schedule with their event at 08.30am.

SVRA Run Groups at Sonoma:
SVRA Group 1 – Pre-41 Sport & Touring/1925-41 Racing Cars
SVRA Group 2 – 1947-60 Sports Racing & Production Cars SVRA Group 3 – 1955-65 Production & GT Cars
SVRA Group 4 – Open Wheel Cars – 1600cc Twin Cam or less SVRA Group 5 – 1963-72 Grand National Stock Cars
SVRA Group 6 – 1956-72 Production & GT Cars over 2000cc
SVRA Group 7 – 1959-65 Sports Racing & 1964-70 FIA Cars
SVRA Group 8 – Open Wheel Cars – greater than 1600cc Twin Cam SVRA Group 9 – 1956-72 Production & GT Cars under 2000cc
SVRA Group 10 – 1966-72 Historic Trans Am Cars
SVRA Group 11 – 1966-74 Historic Can Am & 1971-79 FIA Cars SVRA Group 12 – 1970-79 IMSA GT Cars
SVRA Group 13 – 1982-91 Historic IMSA GTO/SCCA Trans Am Cars
and Stock Cars

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