Roger Albert Clark Rally Entry Increased

The maximum entry for the Roger Albert Clark Rally has been increased to 120-cars following an overwhelming demand for places on the 10th-13th of November rally. When the entry deposit system was announced in mid-February, the plan was to cap the field at 100 cars. However, the response from prospective competitors has far exceeded even the most ambitious expectations and so the rally will now run up to 120 cars.
Despite the increase, deposits have now been taken for nearly all of the available places and a new reserve list will now be started. The current tally is 119 confirmed deposits.
Rally manager Colin Heppenstall reports that the logistics of the rally have been re-worked to accommodate the extra entries, but he still expects that a number of places will become available over the coming months. “We expect that the drop-out rate could be as high as 20%, so we’re going to take 20 reserves at this point. We do not envisage that we will start more than 120 cars in November.”
“We have had to re-think the numbers following the amazing response to the deposit scheme,” said Heppenstall. “We are still urging intending competitors to place deposits as we think it is probable that most of the reserves will get a place.” The order of selection of reserve entries will be at the organisers’ discretion.
In the event of a change of plans for a competitor, paid deposits will be refunded in full upon request up to 31 July 2017. The next stage in the entry process will require depositors to complete an entry form and make a further payment of at least £500 by the end of July. The balance of the entry fee will be payable by 25 October.
In addition, the rally is offering an extended payment plan and depositors can make additional payments of any amount of £100 or more towards their entry fee at any point. 

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