Transport Section for Roger Albert Clark Rally

The 2017 Roger Albert Clark Rally will feature a transport section for the first time when the rally re-locates from Leominster in Herefordshire to Carlisle on the evening of Friday 10th November.
In what is believed to be the first time a transport section will have been used in British stage rallying, the competing cars can be loaded onto trailers for the journey following the end of the event’s inaugural Welsh leg on Friday.
The rally will re-start from Carlisle at 9am on Saturday morning, thus ensuring that all competitors and service crews can make the journey north and have an overnight break before starting day two of the rally.
Some crews will head straight to Carlisle on Friday evening, while others may choose to break the journey in the middle or even head home if they live somewhere between the two rally bases. Competing cars will be subject to re-checks by event scrutineers shortly before the Carlisle re-start.
Rally manager Colin Heppenstall said: “It makes perfect sense to allow competitors to load up and tow the rally cars to Carlisle. It is more economic and makes for an easier journey than a long road section in a rally car.”
There will be a service area at Brightwells in Leominster at the end of the Welsh leg and crews will be free to plan their journey to Carlisle to suit their own needs. After the service-in control at Leominster, the next control will be the re-start control at Carlisle on Saturday morning.

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