Donington Success for VSCC

As predicted, it was ‘scorchio’ at Donington Park last Saturday for round three of the VSCC’s Formula Vintage Series. Even the cars were in need of additional shade.Donington Park Grid Walk

A full programme of 10 races, which included the historic Seaman Trophy celebrating its 70th anniversary, included on the grid a wonderful entry of six ERAs.

Large crowds turned out, not only to enjoy the weather and some superb racing, but they were also able to enjoy the lunchtime grid walk. The opportunity to get up close to these magnificent machines in full race trim and talk to the drivers has been an inspired innovation by the VSCC in recent times.

Headline Results:

Historic Seaman Trophy
1st - Mark Gillies - ERA R3A 1934
2nd and 1st on Handicap - Ian Baxter - Alta 61 I.S. Single Seat 1937
3rd - Paddins Dowling - ERA R5B 1936

Vintage Seaman Trophy
1st - Tony Lees - AC/GN Cognac 1925
2nd - Sandford Andrews - Morgan Aero 2Str 1926
3rd - Justin Maeers - GN Parker 1926

Redgate Mug - Standard and Modified pre-War Sports Cars 
1st - Edward Williams - Frazer Nash Super Sports 1929
2nd - Christopher Mann - Alfa Romeo Monza 1932
3rd - Tom Waterfield - Frazer Nash Super Sports 1929

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