Bookshelf: Drawing and Painting Cars by Keith Woodcock

This is something slightly unusual, a book on how to do your own motoring - and motorsport - art. Now, while some of us find the thought of filling a blank piece of paper with a recognisable picture only slightly less daunting than popping up Mount Everest on a winter’s morn, if you have always wanted to further hone your artistic skills then Keith Woodcock’s book could be the one for you.

This 150-page book introduces and showcases a wide range of motoring art styles. Recognising the importance of drawing and research, it explains the key components of a successful painting, looking particularly at light, perspective, drawing ellipses and the vehicle itself. Including over 150 finished paintings with full descriptions of how they were conceived and carried out, this book could to inspire both artist and buyer alike, and gives a unique insight into the work of a leading motoring artist.

Keith Woodcock has been a full-time professional motoring and aviation artist for over thirty-five years. He has won eighteen awards on both sides of the Atlantic and gained a worldwide reputation for his work. An avid motoring enthusiast, he has been attending races and rallies since the mid-1950s.

With a recommended retail price of £16.99, the book is currently available from the publisher’s website at a bargain £13.59, though you do have to supply your own artistic materials -

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