Aston Martin Victory in Group C Season Closer

The final rounds of the 2016 Group C season were at Paul Ricard this weekend as part of Peter Auto’s Dix Mille Tours meeting, with an emphatic win for the Mercedes-Benz C11 of Kriton Lendoudis and the ever-rapid Rui Aguas, while Paul Whight and sportscar star Nicolas Minassion followed up their second place in race one in the Aston Martin with a win in the second round by ten seconds from Tommy Dreelan and Aaron Scott’s Leyton House liveried Porsche. 

Race One:

1 (C1a) Kriton LENDOUDIS/Rui Sergio AGUAS (Mercedes-Benz C11) 22 laps in 45m56.744s (166.4kph)
2 (C1a) Nicolas MINASSIAN/Paul WHIGHT (Aston Martin AMR1) +51.332s
3 (C1a) Ivan VERCOUTERE/Ralf KELLENERS (Porsche 962C) +1m21.744s
4 (C1a) Tommy DREELAN/Aaron SCOTT (Porsche 962) +1m57.156s
5 (C1a) Eric RICKENBACHER (Cheetah G606) + 1 Lap
6 (C1a) Eric DE DONCKER (Spice SE90C) +1 Lap
7 (C2a) Mike WRIGLEY (ARGO JM19) +1 Lap
8 (C3a) Michiel CAMPAGNE (Spice SE92 GTP) + 1 Lap
9 (C2a) Frank LYONS (ALD C289) + 1 Lap
10 (C1b) Christian PERRIER (March 85G)+ 1 Lap 

Fastest Lap: Kriton Lendoudis 1m52.351s (185.6kph)

Race Two: 

1 (C1a) Nicolas MINASSIAN/Paul WHIGHT (Aston Martin AMR1) 21 Laps in 44m36.057s
2 (C1a) Tommy DREELAN/Aaron SCOTT (Porsche 962) +10.112s
3 (C2a) Mike WRIGLEY (ARGO JM19) +1m51.408s
4 (C2a) Frédéric DA ROCHA/Patrice LAFARGUE (Spice SE88c) +2m00.094s
5 (C1a) Nicolas D'IETEREN (Porsche 962) +1 Lap
6 (C3a) Michiel CAMPAGNE (Spice SE92 GTP) +1 Lap
7 (C2a) Frank LYONS (ALD C289) + 1 Lap
8 (C1a) Eric DE DONCKER (Spice SE90C) +1 Lap
9 (C2a) Thomas DOZIN (Spice SE88C) +2 Laps
10 (C3a) Peter GARROD (Lola T92/10 +2 Laps

Fastest Lap: Tommy Dreelan 1m57.087s 178.1kph

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