1000km Contenders at Monza Historics!

The Monza circuit is a real monument in the world of motor sport. Its high-speed layout has been the scene of stunning speed records like the one set by Kimi Raïkkönen in 2005 for the highest speed ever achieved in an F1 Grand Prix – 370.1 km/h! So it should come as no surprise that the Autodromo is described as a Temple of Speed in which many events have been held including the Monza 1000 km.

The Monza 1000 km endurance race was part of the World Sportscar Championship. It was held for the first time in 1963 and reserved for sports cars, sports prototypes and GTs. Despite its title it hasn’t always been run over a distance of 1000 km, in particular at the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1990s before the championship ended in 1992. At Peter Auto’s Monza Historic, spectators will have the opportunity of seeing some of the stars of this event, which no longer exists, as among the entries are cars that raced in it at the time such as the Ferrari 250 LM from 1965 pictured above:

Group C Jaguar


Winner of the Monza 1000 Km in 1987 driven by Lammers-Watson
Car: 1987 Jaguar XJR8 
Driver: Shaun LYNN
Grid: Group C
No. 3



Ferrari 512S


Third in Monza 1000 Km in 1970 driven by John Surtess and Peter Schetty
Car: 1970 Ferrari 512 S
Driver: Pierre MELLINGER / Tommaso GELMINI
Grid: CER 1
No. 62



Porsche 911 RSR


Took part in the Monza 1000 km in 1975 driven by Haldi-Beguin 
Car: 1974 911 RSR 3,0l 
Driver: Didier DENAT
Grid: CER 1 
No. 66 



Alfa Romeo T33/3



Took part in the Monza 1000 km in 1970 driven by Galli-Stommelen 
Car: Alfa Romeo T33/3 
Drivers: Gianluca RATAZZI / Emanuele PIRRO
Grid: CER 1 
No. 35 


Porsche 512M


Took part in the Monza 1000 km in 1971 driven by Merzario-Juncadella
Car: Ferrari 512M
Driver: Carlos MONTEVERDE / Gary PEARSON
Grid: CER 1
No. 142

Pictures: FOTORISSIMA/Tony Hankin



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