Video and Gallery - Three-Litre Prototypes at Goodwood

Click on the Gallery tab for images from Goodwood and Video to see the cars in action!

A key feature of Goodwood events are the demonstration runs of classic racers - some of which definitely fall into the 'high'-speed' category. A highlight of the recent 75th Member's Meeting was the demonstration of three-litre capacity prototypes from the 1970s, which featured cars ranging from the V8 Cosworth-powered de Cadenet to the wonderful-sounding V12 Matra MS670.

Tucked away in the paddock and not taking to the track was the Mirage M6 Coupe - a V12 Westlake-powered closed version of the M6 with low-drag bodywork that proved six seconds a lap slower than the conventional car when taken to Le Mans in 1973. Just returned from the US and now part of the ROFGO collection of cars that had worn the Gulf Oils livery, hopes are high that the car may be seen actually turning a wheel at some point in the future.

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