Video: Saabs Dominate Swedish 1000cc Touring Car Roll Out!

Tinkling Trollhättan two-stroke engines rend the air as Saabs of many colours outnumber rivals in a tremendous Swedish FIA Period E&F 1000cc Touring Car series miscellany at Knutstorp's long-established Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting on July 7th. Look for Fiat Abarth 1000 Corsas and 850TCs, a three-cylinder two-stroke DKW, BMC Mini Cooper 970Ss and a quick Austin A40 in the large pack.

Interestingly, the outside line of the two-by-two grid, led by Torbjörn Andersson's Riviera Racing Mini #52, is released from the assembly area first, allowing marshals to move across to the pit side of the track, where the #46 Fiat Abarth of Per Skårner will take up pole position.

Video: MAWP+SPORT/ Pye

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