Video: Looking Forwards to Historic Motorsport International 2018

Click on the Video tab for the 2018 Historic Motorsport International Preview!

Historic Motorsports International (HMI) has come a very long way in its short life.  Started in only 2017, the event is already an established venue for anyone with an interest, professional or otherwise, in the huge world of Historic Motorsport, and starts its second year on 15th to 18th February.

“We were absolutely delighted with our first year” says Alexia Antikides, from Brand Events, organisers of the show.  “We set out to make our mark on the historic motorsport landscape and I think we achieved that”.  

The event runs in parallel with Brands Events’ other show, the London Classic Car show, at ExCel, the high-profile venue in the heart of London’s docklands.  These two events have been tailored to be complementary and yet mutually supportive, giving visitors to each show the maximum ‘bang for their buck’.

Uniquely the events run around the Grand Avenue. The thought of having a live space in the heart of London, where exciting, rare (and noisy) cars can excite the crowds seems far-fetched and yet that is exactly what is scheduled for this event.  And when we talk about one of the cars scheduled to appear as a Fiat S76 you may, or may not be, impressed. When we talk about it using its better known name. the Beast of Turin, the excitement begins to rise!  

This 28,353cc car was built to take the Land Speed Record for Italy, and indeed it achieved over 130 mph… in 1910!  The Beast’s mighty four cylinders each have a capacity of over seven litres delivering 290BHP via a four-speed gearbox. The Beast will be surrounded by other iconic cars in the HMI Paddock and already an exciting line up is expected.

A measure of the success of the first event is the fact that the one and only Nigel Mansell has agreed to be the ‘2018 Icon’ and to appear at the show and to meet his many fans.  

“I’m delighted, honoured and, indeed, somewhat humbled that The London Classic Car Show has selected me to be its special ‘Icon’ at this year’s event,” enthused Mansell. “Seeing all those amazing cars which I raced during my career always brings back some incredible memories, and I’m very much looking forward to sharing many of my emotional experiences with those coming to what’s clearly going to be a really great show at ExCeL. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Other special events will include a special conference programme, featuring people involved in historic motorsport professionally, as well as some familiar names and faces from yesteryear. These opportunities will be announced over the next few weeks.

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