GT40s Dominate in Spa Six-Hours Qualifying

As expected the Ford GT40s dominated in qualifying last night for this afternoon’s Spa Six-Hour race, the sixties muscle car filling the first eleven grid slots and offering up what should be a great sight as the huge grid thunder round the famous Grand Prix circuit. With two ex-Formula One drivers on board the expectation was that the number 16 GT40 of Gerhard Berger, Paulo Barilla and journalist (and pretty handy racer) Richard Meaden would be on the pace but the trio will start the race on pole just under two tenths quicker than the Bryant-family GT40.

Quickest of the non-Fords was the Jaguar E-Type of Jon Minshaw and Phil Hindley, but with the Jaguars looking to be five seconds a lap or so off the pace off the quick Fords, it is looking like a GT40 race later today.

Race starts 15.55 local time this afternoon.

1 MEADEN Richard (GB)/BERGER Gerhard (AU)/BARILLA Paolo (IT) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m43.437s
2 BRYANT Oliver (GB)/BRYANT Grahame (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m43.629s
3 MEINS Richard (GB)/LILLINGSTON PRICE Chris (GB)/HUFF Rob (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m44.084s
4 WILLS Roger (GB)/LITTLEJOHN James (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m44.161s
5 WOOD Tony (GB)/STRETTON Martin (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m44.400s
6 WRIGHT Jason (I)/GANS Michael (CH)/WOLFE Andy (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m44.501s
7 DAVIES Craig (GB)/YOUNG John (GB)/NEWELL Andy (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m44.692s
8 LYNN Shaun (GB)/HADDON Andrew (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m44.975s
9 WARD Chris (GB)/SMITH Andrew (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m45.993s
10 HENDERSON Gavin (GB)/HENDERSON Rory (GB)/FISKEN Gregor (GB) (Ford GT40) GTP 2m46.595s
11 HART David (NL)/HUGENHOLTZ Hans (NL)/PASTORELLI Nicky (NL) (FORD GT40) GTP 2m47.023s
12 MINSHAW Jon (GB)/HINDLEY Phil (GB) (JAGUAR E-Type) GTS12 2m49.218s
13 THOMAS Julian (GB)/LOCKIE Callum (GB)/HARRIS Chris (GB) (JAGUAR E Type) GTP 2m49.218s
14 COTTINGHAM James (GB)/GIRARDO Max (GB)/HART Olivier (NL) (SHELBY Cobra) GTS12 2m50.794s
15 MELLING Martin (GB)/HALL Rob (GB)/MINSHAW Jason (GB) (JAGUAR E-Type Low Drag) GTS12 2m52.258s
16 WHITAKER Mike (GB)/REUBEN Nigel (GB)/O’BRIEN Eugene (GB) (TVR Griffith) GTS12 2m52.853s
17 FRIEDRICHS Wolfgang (D)/MALLOCK Michael (GB)/HADFIELD Simon (GB) (ASTON MARTIN DB4 GT  DP214) GTS12 2m 54.537s
18 CLARK John (GB)/REDHOUSE Howard (GB)/SHAW Richard (GB) (JAGUAR E-Type Lightweight) GTS12 2m54.984s 
19 EYEARS Martin (USA)/TWYMAN Joe (GB)/MORRIS Edward (GB) (LOTUS Elan 26R) GTS10 2m56.587s
20 DAVISON John (GB)/MORRIS Ed (GB) (LOTUS Elan 26R) GTS10 2m57.077s

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