Roger Albert Clark Rally Route Unveiled

The organisers of the Roger Albert Clark Rally have revealed a record-breaking 300-stage mile route for the 10th-13th November event. The initial plan was for a route of 280 stage miles but the competitor response has prompted an extended rally at the same entry fee.
The confirmed route will make the Roger Albert Clark the longest special stage rally in Britain for 22-years. Not since the 1995 Network Q RAC Rally, which featured 317 stage miles, has a UK special stage rally taken in 300 stage miles. The current Wales Rally GB has a competitive route of around 200 stage miles.
The 32-special stage four-day rally will feature legs in Wales, Kielder and Scotland from November 10-13. The breakdown of competitive mileage in the event includes 44 miles in Wales on Friday, 95 miles in Southern Kielder on Saturday, 94 miles in Scotland on Sunday and a final sting in the tail of 68 miles in the central block of Kielder on Monday morning. The concluding leg will feature two 20-mile and two 12-mile stages.
Rally manager Colin Heppenstall said: “We were originally planning 280 stage miles but the high level of competitor interest has allowed us to increase this to 300, but still for the published entry fee of £3,500.” Already the organisers have received 133 entry deposits for 120 places on the rally.
Heppenstall has already driven the entire competitive route and is delighted with the road conditions. “Every day will have at least one stage of 14 miles and we’re covering the best gravel rallying areas in the country. Each region has distinct characteristics.”

Provisional 2017 R.A.C. Rally Route:
Friday November 10
Start: Shelsley Walsh
SS1    Brightwells Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb 1
SS2    Brightwells Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb 2
SS3    Radnor 1
SS4    Epynt 1
SS5    Epynt 2
SS6    Radnor 2
End of leg: Leominster
Saturday November 11
Re-start: Carlisle
SS7    Shepherdshield 1
SS8    Whitehill 1
SS9    Roughside 1
SS10  Shepherdshield 2
SS11  Whitehill 2
SS12  Roughside 2
SS13  Ogre Hill 1
SS14  Harwood 1
SS15  Ogre Hill 2
SS16  Harwood 2
End of leg: Carlisle
Sunday November 12
Re-start: Carlisle
SS17  Greskine 1
SS18  Ae East 1
SS19  Ae West 1
SS20  Greskine 2
SS21  Ae East 2
SS22  Ae West 2
SS23  Twiglees 1
SS24  Castle O’Er 1
SS25  Craik 
SS26  Twiglees 2
SS27  Castle O’Er 2
End of leg: Carlisle
Monday November 13
Re-start: Carlisle
SS28  Newcastleton
SS29  Chapelstone Fell 1
SS30  Falstone 1
SS31  Chapelstone Fell 2
SS32  Falstone 2
End of rally: Kielder Waterside

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