Roger Albert Clark Rally Route Released

The wraps have come off the route for the 2019 Roger Albert Clark Rally, with full details of the 32 special stages planned over five days of rallying when the 13th edition of the rally runs from 21st to 25th November 2019. With 300 gravel special stage miles across Wales, Northumberland and Southern Scotland, the 2019 Roger Albert Clark Rally will be the longest and toughest UK special stage rally for more than two decades. 
Competitor reaction to the biennial event has been unprecedented since the entry deposit system was opened in late September and a total of 173 deposits have now been placed for a maximum field of 150 cars. However, the organisers expect that all the current reserves will gain a place in a final field of around 130-140 starters.
The event start will be based at Brightwells in Leominster, where documentation will be held on Wednesday and Thursday before the opening leg of the rally on Thursday evening. After a full day of classic gravel stages in Wales, a transport section will take the rally cars to Carlisle on Friday evening. The rally will then be based in Carlisle until the finish on Monday afternoon.
Rally manager Colin Heppenstall said: “I’m very pleased to unveil the detailed route, more than 10 months ahead of the rally. The response from competitors has been overwhelming and I certainly expect a record number of starters. We are now starting the marshal recruitment process and we are keen to hear from any marshals who would like to be involved for one day or more.”
The provisional route (subject to change) is:
Thursday November 21st
18.00 Event start: Leominster 
19.05 SS1    Radnor 1 
20.15 SS2    Radnor 2 
22.15 End of leg: Leominster 
Friday November 22nd
07.31 Restart: Leominster 
09.30 SS3    Cefn 1 
10.10 SS4    Gwibedog 1 
10.25 Service: Epynt
11.01 SS5    Epynt 1 
11.30 SS6    Halfway 1 
11.45 Service: Epynt
12.25 SS7    Cefn 2 
13.00 SS8    Gwibedog 2 
13.20 Service: Epynt 
13.55 SS9    Epynt 2 
14.20 SS10  Halfway 2 
14.30 End of leg: Epynt
Saturday November 23rd
08.00 Restart: Carlisle
09.05 SS11  Kershope 1 
09.50 SS12  Ash Park 
10.45 Service: Carlisle 
12.05 SS13  Kershope 2 
13.40 Service: Carlisle 
15.10 SS14  Clintburn 
15.40 SS15  Chirdonhead 
16.10 Service: Kielder
17.55 SS16  Harwood 
19.30 SS17  Pundershaw 
20.35 SS18  Paddaburn 
22.10 End of leg: Carlisle 
Sunday November 24th
08.00 Restart: Carlisle 
09.05 SS19  Greskine 1 
09.40 SS20  Ae 1 
10.35 Service: Lockerbie
12.10 SS21  Greskine 2 
12.50 SS22  Ae 2 
13.45 Service: Lockerbie
14.55 SS23  Twiglees 1 
15.25 SS24  Castle O’er 1 
16.15 SS25  Craik 
17.50 SS26  Twiglees 2 
18.20 SS27  Castle O’er 2 
19.45 End of leg: Carlisle
Monday November 25th
07.00 Restart: Carlisle
08.00 SS28 Newcastleton 
08.55 SS29  Falstone 1 
09.35 Service: Kielder
10.15 SS30  Bewshaugh 1 
10.45 Service: Kielder
11.25 SS31  Falstone 2 
12.05 Service: Kielder
12.35 SS32  Bewshaugh 2 
15.00 Event finish: Carlisle/Brampton 

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