Forestry Commission Deny Roger Albert Clark Rally Yorkshire Stages

The Forestry Commission in Yorkshire has ruled that, due to internal staffing issues and the proximity of another event running in completely different forests, the Roger Albert Clark Rally will not be visiting Yorkshire this coming November.

Colin Heppenstall Rally Manager said: “It is unfortunate that after discussions over the last six months the Commission has chosen this course of action at this late stage in the organisation of the event.”

Heppenstall continued: “Even though this is a great disappointment to the organisers in not being able to bring the four-day motor sport spectacular into Yorkshire, I particularly feel for the local community, guest houses and restaurants who will be losing upwards of Ł200,000 income at a time of year that is normally quiet for tourism.”

The event has already identified a completely different route for the Saturday leg and the event will still be offering competitors a total stage mileage of around 280, but unfortunately this won’t include anything within the Yorkshire forests.

Full route details are due to be announced in March.

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