Peter Auto Introduce In-Car Data System for 2020 Events

Peter Auto have sealed a three-year deal with real-time data specialists Coyote to use their technology for an in-car information system at events. This will pass information to drivers regarding slow zones etc, the new Coyote Race system supplying distances to zone and relevant data to further race safety, for drivers and trackside workers.

Race control will run the system which will be used for the first time at the Dix Mille Tours in April, and then at the Spa-Classic and the Grand Prix de l’Age d’Or before becoming officially operational at July’s Le Mans Classic.

Historic motor racing has to comply with regulations ensuring the safety of all those involved. In particular, a safety car is often used in the case of accident or breakdown to ensure that a controlled speed is maintained during activity on the track itself caused by the involvement of different intervention teams. On long circuits like Le Mans, the arrival of the safety car can signal the end of a race for the drivers. This is why slow-zones were introduced in 2016 at Peter Auto events enabling circuits to be divided up into several sectors thus isolating the zone at risk where an intervention is taking place.

Coyote Race Sample Screens

Reduced visibility, noise, and adrenaline are all factors that alter the drivers’ perception and interfere with the instructions given by the track marshals. This can explain why certain drivers fail to respect the slow- zones thus increasing the risks of accidents during the race itself. The Coyote Race for Peter Auto solution solves this problem with a speed monitoring unit installed on board the car that emits a visual warning at the approach to, and the crossing of, a slow zone. At the same time, this speed monitoring unit, the Coyote UP assistant, linked by computer to Race Control, enables the any car being driven in a dangerous manner to be identified. 

This solution, unique in the world of historic motor sport, required more than six months’ development to meet the needs, restrictions and expectations of officials and drivers. It will be exclusively available for three years at events organised by Peter Auto.

“Our users and the Coyote community are great historic car fans,” Fabien Pierlot, President and founder of Coyote, “so our decision to accompany Peter Auto and improve driver safety in historic races followed quite naturally. We’re very proud to be able to associate our brand with this great internationally-renowned series.” 

“Each year historic racing is a discipline that attracts more and more participants,” said Patrick Peter, President and founder of Peter Auto. “I’m absolutely delighted about this as it means that our passion will endure. But it’s necessary to implement means that ensure the safety of our drivers and also to preserve these beautiful cars that are a real patrimony on wheels! Our association with Coyote, the European leader in community information, in real time was a no-brainer.”

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