Kinch Takes Group C Pole for Lola

Nathan Kinch put his Lola T92/10 on pole in Group C qualifying at the Silverstone Classic today, as expected the times dominated by the more developed class C3A cars from the latter end of the Group C period. It was a fine performance from Kinch, who lacked the option of cranking up the boost available to some of his rivals but put in a late lap to go top, with the Nissan RC93 of Bob Berridge second quickest and less than three-tenths of a second behind.

The Jaguar XJR-14 of Christophe d’Ansembourg just outpaced Katsu Kubota’s Nissan for third, with Mark Sumpter’s ex-Joest Racing Porsche - and the last 962 to win a World Endurance Championship round - fifth.

Mike Wrigley was quickest C2 car, well clear of his rivals with a six second gap to second quickest Frank Lyons.

The 30-minute Group C races are scheduled for 20.30 on Saturday evening and 15.35 Sunday.

Qualifying Times: 
1 (C3A) Nathan Kinch (Lola T92/10) 1m50.676s
2 (C3A) Bob Berridge (Nissan RC93) 1m50.968s
3 (C3A) Christophe D’Ansembourg (Jaguar XJR-14) 1m52.850s
4 (C1A) Katsu Kubota (Nissan R90CK) 1m52.910s
5 (C3A) Mark Sumpter (Porsche 962C) 1m52.926s
6 (C1A) Chris Catt (Spice SE90) 1m55.759s
7 (C1A) Tommy Dreelan (Porsche 962C) 2m00.191s
8 (C1A) Georg Kjallgren (Courage C26S) 2m01.728s
9 (C1A) Phil Hall (Spice SE90C) 2m02.190s
10 (C1A) Eric de Doncker (Spice SE90C) 2m02.493s
11 (C2A) Mike Wrigley (Argo JM19C) 2m02.629s
12 (C2A) Frank Lyons (ALD C289) 2m08.865s
13 (C1B) Douglas Titford (EMKA C84/1) 2m09.071s
14 (C2A) Frederic da Rocha (Spice SE88C) 2m09.686s
15 (C1B) Christian Perrier (March 85G) 2m09.976s
16 (C1B) Peter Schlepper (March 84G) 2m12.505s
17 (C2A) Nick Chester (Spice SE88P) 2m12.681s
18 (C3A) Peter Garrod (Lola T92) 2m14.604s
19 (C2A) Jonathan Fry (Tiga GC287) 2m23.820s
20 (C3A) Peter Garrod (Toyota 92CV) No Time

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