HSCC Offer Buy One Get Another at a Reduced Rate Race Fees Initiative

A new initiative from the Historic Sports Car Club for the coming race season will offer drivers the chance to tackle a second race at an event for an entry fee of just £99. 
The Club has created a new race entry fee discount for competitors who enter the same car with the same driver in a second race at an HSCC race meeting. The larger of the two entry fees will need to be paid in full, but by entering for a second category a driver could save several hundred pounds.
This very special offer applies to cars that are eligible for more than one of the Club’s 16 race categories. For instance, a racer in the Guards Trophy may also be racing a car that is eligible for Historic Road Sports and there is also potential for cross-over between the Historic and 70s Road Sports categories.
Other options include a Guards Trophy competitor entering a Pre ’80 Endurance race and a racer from Historic Formula Ford 2000 also racing in Classic Formula 3.
Andy Dee-Crowne, CEO of the Historic Sports Car Club, said: “We have a number of competitors with cars that could race in two of the Club’s categories and we are keen to encourage them. This offer makes entering a second race very attractive and gives the opportunity for greater track time on a race weekend. Obviously, we already run double-headers and longer races for some of our categories, but this innovative new offer will make racing with the HSCC even more attractive!”

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