Video: Sielecki's Delage Takes SF Edge Trophy

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The SF Edge with its mighty Edwardian race cars was again a crowd-pleaser at Goodwood today, Mattias Sielecki winning in his 1923 Delage DH V12.

At the start Mark Walker got away well in the GN Thunderbug, but the power of the Delage told and it was Sielecki who led them down in the first corner. Walker was throwing the Thunderbug in fine style around but it was Patrick Blakeney-Edwards who came through to take the race to the Delage, his Curtiss superior in the corners but the power of Delage pulling it clear on the straight slap after lap and Sielecki taking a close win.

SF Edge Trophy
1 Matthias Sielecki (Delage DH V12) 11 Laps in 21m07.897s
2 Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (GN Curtiss) +0.592s
3 Mark Walker (GN Thunderbug) +33.205s
4 Richard Scaldwell (Lorraine de Deitrich) +50.469s
5 Ben Collings (Mercedes 60HP) +1m37.007s
6 Niall Dyer (Mors) +1m50.179s
7 Andrew Frankel (Bentley 3-Litre TT) +2m07.452s
8 Gareth Graham (Monarch Special) + 1 Lap
9 Julian Majzub (Sunbeam Indianapolis) + 1 Lap
10 Markus Kern (Benz 200 ‘Hornsted) +1Lap

Fastest Lap: Blakeny-Edwards 1m47.438s (80.41mph).

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