Roger Albert Clark Rally To Open Deposit System for Entries

Organisers of the Roger Albert Clark Rally have created a deposit system for prospective competitors for the 2017 event (10th-13th of November). The entry for the rally will be capped at 100-cars to help with event logistics. 
From 1st of March, intending competitors can reserve an entry on the event with a deposit of £300. This will secure a place until 1st August 2017, when a further payment will be required to retain the place. In the event of a change of plans for a competitor, the deposit will be refunded in full upon request up to 31th July 2017. 
In addition, the rally is offering an extended payment plan and once the deposit has been paid, competitors can make additional payments of any amount of £100 or more towards their entry fee at any point from 1st of March. 
Some crews may use this as a way of paying the entry fee, or part of it, in more affordable elements while European crews may decide to take advantage of the current favourable exchange rate, which makes paying the entry fee at present rates up to 25% cheaper than a year ago.
Though yet to be confirmed, the final entry fee is expected to be around £3,500 and competitors can pay the full amount or any part of the amount at any point over the next eight months.
“We want to make the event as accessible as possible for as many crews as we can, but we know the entry fee is a big amount,” said rally manager Colin Heppenstall. “Once the initial deposit has been paid, competitors can make an additional payment at any time. The deposits will not be touched until 28 days before the start of the rally. Any amounts paid in beyond the initial £300 deposit can be refunded, in full, without question at any time until 30th September.”

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