Gallery: Le Mans Classic Race Transporters

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A feature of the extensive 2016 Le Mans Classic paddock was a collection of a dozen or so period race transporters, from the evocative period when you could tell a team's transport apart from more clues than just the colour scheme and quite often the race car was out on show at the rear or even on the roof. While Ecurie Ecosse had their wonderful bespoke transporter resplendent with Jaguar D-Type on show, we loved the fact that parked next to it was a humble Ford Thames flatbed with a Lotus X1 perched on the back.


The OM Scuderia Ferrari transporter was a great sight, and you can just picture it with a pair of single seaters on the back, while the similar but older blue FIAT liveried as 'Cobra Powered by Ford' is a vehicle with history, having been built for the abortive Scarab Formula One team in the 1950s before being used by Carroll Shelby for his Cobras in 1963 and then by the JCB-backed sportscars of the 1970s.



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