Exclusive Video: Stirling Memories!

We recently we celebrated the anniversary of Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson’s record setting run at the 1955 Millie Miglia in the iconic Mercedes 300 SLR number 722. Their acheivement on that day remains one of the greatest performances of all time, made more mythical by its occurrence at an event that today is considered legendary.  

Stirling Moss and Charles DressingWith that in mind you can only imagine my excitement when our correspondent Charles Dressing and I were invited to a ranch outside of Jacksonville Florida in 2015 to spend the day watching Mercedes video tape a tribute to Moss and the Iconic #722 to celebrate what Stirling was calling his last drive of one of his favorite cars. 

This was an opportunity to spend a day with a childhood hero and boy did it deliver.  Not only did we enjoy watching Stirling drive the private roads of the ranch we got to share lunch and spend lots of quality time with the kind hearted octogenarian as he and his wife Suzie reminisced and regaled us with glorious tales of days gone by.  

I was able to grab a little video to commemorate the event here is some of it for you to enjoy and if you would like to see the stunning tribute that Mercedes and Petrolicious put together then click here: https://youtu.be/fJsdw-pof1o

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