Close Sunday Racing at Goodwood Members' Meeting

Sunday at the 77th Goodwood Members’ Meeting saw the usual wide range of cars both racing and doing demonstration runs, the racing unusually close with five of the ten car races having the lead pair cross the finish line less than a second apart - SF Edge Trophy for the oldest cars present seeing first and second split by less than two hundredths of a second!

Fastest race lap of the weekend was set by Gurney Cup winner Cameron Jackson in his Crossle-Oldsmobile, Nick Padmore’s outright mark of 1m18s going unchallenged all weekend. 

William Nuthull, AltaParnell Cup (Single-Seaters 1930-1958)
1 William Nuthall (Alta F2) 12Laps 20m47.251s (82.43mph)
2 Nigel Batchelor (Kieft-Climax GP) +2.123s
3 Alexander van der Lof (Ferrari 340)
4 Paul Grant (Cooper-Bristol Mk2 T23)
5 Steve Russell (Cooper-Bristol Mk2 T23)
6 Charlie Martin (Connaught A-Type)
Fastest Lap: Grant 1m34.727s (90.44mph)

Derek Bell Cup (One Litre Formula Three Cars)
1 Ben Mitchell (Brabham-Ford BT28) 13 Laps 24m18.613s (76.36mph)
2 Andrew Hibbard (Brabham-Ford BT18) +0.158s
3 Andy Jarvis (March-Ford 703)
4 Christopher Widmer (Brabham-Ford BT18A)
5 Steve Jones (Brabham-Ford BT28)
6 Francois Derossi (Chevron-Ford B17)
FL: Mitchell 1m22.916s (103.33mph)

Tony Gaze Trophy (Pre’ 1959 Production Sports Cars)Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
1 David Coulthard (Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing) 13 Laps 21m07.146s (87.90mph)
2 Mike Thorne (Austin-Healey 100M) +7.156s
3 Jonathan Abecassis (Austin-Healey 100/4)
4 Marc Gordon (Jaguar XK150 FHC)
5 Malcolm Paul (Morgan Pus Four)
6 Chris Ryan (Triumph TR3)
FL: Coulthard 1m35.548s (89.67mph)

John Duff Trophy (Pre’ 1930 Racing Cars)
1 Greger Fisken (Vauhall 30-98 Brooklands Special) 11 Laps 21m03.212s (74.60mph)
2 Philip Champion (Frazer Nash Super Sports) +0.992s
3 Trevor Swete (Invicta 4.5 Litre High Chassis)
4 Ben Collings (Bentley Speed Model)
5 Gareth Graham (Bentley Speed Model)
6 Martin Overington (Bentley 4.5-Litre ‘Blower’)
FL: Champion 1m49.880s (77.97mph)

Graham Hill Trophy (Closed Cockpit GT Cars)
1 Minshaw/Keen (Jaguar E-Type ‘Semi-Lightweight) 31 Laps 45m55.624s (96.38mph)
2 Spiers/Needell (TVR Griffith) +17.566s
3 Pastorelli/Cottingham (Ferrari 250 GTO/64)
4 Minassian/Reid (AC Cobra)
5 Beighton/Greensall (Sunbeam Lister Tiger)
6 Whitaker/Jordan (TVR GRiffith)
FL: Whitaker/Jordan 1m25.605s (100.08mph)

Gerry Marshall Trophy Sprint Race (Group 1 Production Saloons 1970-82)
1 Stig Blomqvist(Rover 3500 SDi) 10 Laps 15m25.961s (92.53mph)
2 Nicholas Padmore (BMW 530i) +3.540s
3 Adam Brindle (Rover 3500 SDi)
4 Graham Scarborough (Ford Capri 3.0S)
5 Nick Swift (Mini 1275 GT)
6 Mike Whitaker (Ford Capri 3.0S)
FL: Whitaker 1m30.500s (94.67mph)

Benz BlitzenSF Edge Trophy (Edwardian Cars Pre’ 1923)
1 Julian Majzub (Sunbeam Indianapolis) * Laps 15m47.093s (72.37mph)
2 Tony Lees (Vauxhall Viper Special) +0.018
3 Ben Collings (Benz 200HP Blitzen)
4 Hughie Walker (Theophile Schneider Aero)
5 Richard Scaldwell (Lorraine de Dietrich 130HP)
6 James Collins (Hudson Super Six)
FL: Walker 1m53.078s (75.77mph)

Betty Richmond Trophy Final (Mini Coopers)
1 Nick Swift (Morris Mini Cooper S) 13 Laps in 20m31.116s (90.47mph)
2 Nick Padmore (Morris Mini Cooper S) +0.502s
3 Jonathan Lewis (Morris Mini Cooper S)
4 Ian Curley (Austin Mini Cooper S)
5 Darren Turner (Morris Mini Cooper S)
6 Lars Ekorness ((Morris Mini Cooper S)
FL: Curley 1m33.441s (91.69mph)

Gurney Cup (Sports-Prototypes 1960-66)
1 Cameron Jackson (Crossle-Oldsmobile Mk5S) 15 Laps 21m09.013s (101.27mph)
2 Craig Davies (Ford GT40) +25.499s
3 John Hugenholtz (Ford GT40)
4 Andrew Hibbard (Lotus-Ford 23B)
5 Chris Goodwin (Lotus-Ford 23B)
6 Nick Fennell (Lotus-Ford 23B)
FL: Jackson 1m22.970s (103.26mph)

Peter Collins Trophy (Sports-Cars 1948-55)
1 John Pearson (Jaguar D-Type) 11 Laps 19m43.976s (79.60mph)
2 Martin Stretton (Jaguar D-Type) +0.886s
3 Steve Brokks (Jaguar D-Type)
4 Richard Wilson (Maserati 250S)
5 Simon Hadfield (Aston Martin DB3S)
6 Gregor Fisken (HWM-Jaguar)
FL: Stretton 1m30.934s (94.22mph)

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