Goodwood Members' Meeting Race Results

Despite the conditions over the weekend (which saw the morocycle element of the day sensibly curtailed and affected some other events), the 76th Goodwood Members' Meeting provided some great racing to reward the hardy spectators who braved temperatures only just above freezing and a chilling wind, and we can now brng you the full results:

Bolster Cup
1 Tim Llewellyn (Bentley 3/8 Special) 12 laps in 20m48.162s
2 Tom Walker (Amilcar Hispano-Suiza) +3.912s
3 Justin Maeers (GN Parker)
4 Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (Bentley 3/8 Special)
5 Duncan Pittaway (GN Curtiss)
6 Dougal Cawley (GN/Ford ‘Piglet’)
Fastest Lap: Llewellyn 1m41.698s (84.95mph)

Caracciola Sportwagenrennen
1 Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza) 11 Laps in 20m25.658s
2 Duncan Pittaway (Bugatti Type 35) +28.642s
3 M Werner (Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Monza)
4 Alastair Pugh (Frazer Nash BMW)
5 Marcus Black (Talbot-Lago T23)
6 Gareth Graham (Bentley Speed Model)
FL: Blakeney-Edwards 1m48.498s (79.63mph)

Derek Bell Trophy
1 John Milicevic (Brabham-Ford BT21 11 laps in 20m22.544s
2 Thierry Gallo (Tecno-Ford) +11.365s
3 Simon Armer (March-Ford)
4 Ian Bankhurst (Alexis-Ford)
5 Marcus Mussa (Tecno-Ford)
6 Christoph Widmer (Brabham-Ford BT18A)
FL: Gallo 1m48.676s (79.50mph)

Gerry Marshall Trophy
Race One

1 Michael/Blundell (Ford Escort RS2000) 24 Laps in 38m10.856s
2 Whitaker/M Jordan (Ford Capri III 3.05) +1.087s
3 Bruce/Harvey (Rover 3500 SD1)
4 G Bryant/O Bryant (Chevrolet Camaro)
5 Meins/Huff (Ford Capri III 3.05)
6 Swift/A Jordan (Mini 1275GT)
FL: G Bryant/O Bryant 1,29.588s (96.44mph)

Race Two:
1 Pantelis Christoforou (Ford Escort RS2000) 9 Laps in 21m15.953s
2 Ric Wood (Ford Capri III 3.05) +2.967s
3 Nick Padmore (BMW 530I)
4 James Wood (Triumph Dolomite Sprint)
5 Andrew Bruce (Rover3500 SD1)
6 Mark Fowler (Ford Capri III 3.05)
FL: Padmore 1m31.641s (94.28mph)

Gurney Cup
1 David Hart (Ford GT40) 11 Laps in 15m59.453s
2 Andrew Smith (Shelby American Cobra Daytona Coupe) +3.757s
3 Olivier Hart (Shelby American Cobra Daytona Coupe)
4 Craig Davies (Ford GT40)
5 Christopher Wilson (Ford GT40)
6 Shaun Lynn (Ford GT40)
FL: Olivier Hart 1m25.149s (101.46mph)

Hawthorn Trophy
1 Tony Wood (Cooper-Bristol Mk1 T20) 11 Laps in 21.08.407s
2 Edward Williams (Maserati 250F) +32.376s
3 Paul Grant (Cooper-Bristol Mk2 T23)
4 David Wenman (Connaught A-Type)
5 Crispin Harris (AC-Bristol Monoposto)
6 Nigel Batchelor (Kieft-Climax GP)
FL: Wood 1m53.001s (76.45mph)

Moss Trophy
1 Minshaw/Keen (Jaguar E-type) 29 Laps in 46.15.462s
2 Meins/Huff (Jaguar E-Type FHC) +5.847s
3 Pirro/Halusa (Ferrari 250 GT SWB ‘Breadvan’)
4 Gaye/Reid (Ferrari 250 GT SWB/C)
5 Young/Young (Jaguar E-Type)
6 Friedrichs/Hadfield (Aston Martin DB4GT)
FL: Meins/Huff 1m30.103s (95.98mph)

Ronnie Hoare Trophy
1 James Cottingham (Porsche 904 Carrera GTS) 13 Laps in 21m22.820s
2 James Bellinger (Morgan Plus 4 SLR) +3.033s
3 Vincent Gaye (Ferrari 275 GTB/C)
4 Mark Bates (Porsche 911)
5 Mark Sumpter (Porsche 911)
6 David Clark (Porsche 904 Carrera GTS)
FL: Gaye 1m34.434s (91.49mph)Martin Stretton, Lister

Salvadori Cup
1 Martin Stretton (Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’) 12 Laps in 21m20.3019s
2 Roger Wills (Lotus-Climax 15) +1.340s
3 Oliver Bryant (Lotus-Climax 15)
4 Andrew Smith (Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’)
5 Marino Franchitti (Maserati Tipo 61 ‘Birdcage’)
6 Ben Mitchell (Lotus-Climax 15)
FL: Bryant 1m44.524s (82.66mph)

Sears Trophy
1 Andrew Jordan (Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1) 13 Laps in 24.27.220s
2 Andrew Wolfe (Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1) +0.637s
3 Mark Sumpter (Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1)
4 Steve Soper(Ford-Lotus Cortina Mk1)
5 Nick Swift (Morris Mini Copper S)
6 Richard Meaden (Ford Galaxie 500)
FL: Jordan 1m31.845s (94.07mph)

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