Classic Team Lotus on the Move!

Classic Team Lotus should be on the move this year with the Norfolk-based outfit announcing plans to move out of their current buildings into a purpose built new facility. The prospective move will not only give the team a fresh modern workshop area but enable them to have on one site many more of the historic Lotus cars and parts that are currently stored in other locations.

South Norfolk Council’s planning committee gave the project their go-ahead at a meeting earlier this month.

“We have really outgrown where we are based at the moment, and that location isn’t ideal in terms of workshop space in any case,” explained Classic team Lotus MD Clive Chapman to “Happily, the business is almost able to afford a new building, and we have decided it is something we just have to do, and are looking forwards to getting started in the next few months with a target of having everything finished by the end of the year.

“As much as anything it will be a better workshop space for our guys as they do a pretty amazing job in less than ideal facilities at the moment. Also, it will allow us to bring together more of the cars and parts we have dotted around Norfolk – which has always been pretty inefficient – and gives us more capacity to move the business forward.”

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