Classic Motorcycles at The Amelia

The countdown is now on until the exclusive live stream Presented by Reliable Carriers goes live at noon (local time) on March 10 to bring you the climax of the 24th Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance. While The Amelia is renowned for the quality of the road and race cars it attracts, there are also a wide range of classic motorcycles foreign a key part of the Florida event!

Vincent Black ShadowThe newest of The Amelia’s 2019 motorcycle class are Vincents: the legendary 1950 Vincent Black Shadow, is still renowned for its performance. Even today the muscular British V-twin is considered the first “superbike”, long before the term became a common part of the motorcyclist’s vocabulary. The Black Shadow is one of two legendary Vincents to grace The Amelia’s 24th annual show field: a 1951 Touring Rapide will also be part of The Amelia’s 2019 two-wheel class.
Britain also contributes the 1938 Brough SS100. The Nottingham-built machines were known as the Rolls-Royce of motorcycles and each one was designed to meet specific customer requirements. A Superior was guaranteed to achieve at least 100 mph.

Representing America is the 1939 Indian “World’s Fair” four-cylinder, another Amelia rarity that will share the class with a 1940 Indian 440 and a Henderson KJ.Indian

The Danish-built Nimbus Luxus is still considered an advanced design with its 45 cubic inch in-line four-cylinder overhead valve engine and shaft drive. Front suspension was by telescopic forks, unusual and very advanced for the Depression-wracked 1930s. The Nimbus’ frame was an unusual yet sturdy channel steel rail design rather than the more popular and common round tube frames. Nimbus was active from 1920, survived the war and lasted through 1957.

Photos courtesy of the Venable Family, the Capricorn Collection and Nelson and Karen Citta.

1939 Indian Four “World’s Fair."

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