BHRC Confirms 'Historics First' Commitment

Mollowing the MSA’s recent changes to the running order on rallies, the FUCHS LUBRICANTS MSA British Historic Rally Championship has reaffirmed its commitment to have all historic cars running first on the road on gravel rounds.

The Roger Albert Clark Rally Motor Club, which currently holds the contract to organise the BHRC, has been working behind the scenes to achieve the best possible outcome for the historic rallying fraternity for the balance of 2018 and beyond.

The RACRMC ambition covers three main topics:
All classes of two-wheel drive historics running in the first section of the field
All Category 1 cars and other 1600cc historic running first on the road
Minimal or no double use of special stages

Championship manager Colin Heppenstall said: “Since the MSA announcement about the changes to running order, we have been in extensive dialogue with events about the format for 2018 and beyond. The speed of change took everyone by surprise but came too late to make major changes to some 2018 events. However, our commitment for 2019 is clear and we will continue to work closely with event organisers to achieve the best result for our 

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