Peter Auto Announce Route for 2018 Tour Auto Optic 2ooo

Peter Auto have announced the route of the 2018 Tour Auto Optic 2ooo and as ver have been faithful to their aim of offering up a new route each year. 

Next year’s edition will start in Paris on Tuesday 24th of April, and over five days of special stages and circuit events arrive at the finish in Nice on Saturday 25th, having completed around 2,050km.

Monday 23rd April
Grand Palais Paris
Scrutineering and administrative checks - Open to the public from 10.00 to 17.00

Tuesday 24th April - Leg One
Paris to Besancon (450 km approx.)
Start from the Grand Palais (6.00-7.00)

One special stage and Dijon-Prenois circuit

Wednesday 25th April - Leg Two
Besancon - Megeve (400 km approx)
Two special stages and Bresse circuit

Thursday 26th April - Leg Three
Megeve - Avignon (450 km approx)
Two special stages and Lédenon circuit

Friday 27 April - Leg Four
Avignon- Aix-en-Provence (350 km approx)
Two special stages and Paul Ricard circuit

Saturday 28 April - Final Leg
Aix-en-Provence - Nice (400 km approx)
Three special stages

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