MGLive! 'Rested' for 2019

The MG Car Club has announced that the decision has been made to rest MGLive! for 2019, and refocus efforts into a new format International MG meeting for 2020.

Last month, Silverstone Circuits Limited made a decision to carry out essential track maintenance during June 2019, meaning that MGLive! wasn’t able to take place at the venue on the selected dates, leaving the Club without a venue or date for MGLive! 2019.

MGLive! is a meeting steeped in history with an event being held every summer for the past 68 years. Given this history, the Club has been exploring options to move the event to a new location, and/or date for 2019.

After extensive research into new locations and dates; it has sadly become clear that there are no feasible options to host an event this summer and the decision has been made to rest MGLive! for 2019 as a final resort. All ticket holders for 2019 will be contacted directly by the Club and issued full refunds automatically before the 15th April 2019.

The Club are requesting that ticket holders do not contact the Club to discuss refunds, and wait to be contacted directly by the Club. This is to ensure the refunds process is carried out as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Adam Sloman, General Manager of MG Car Club commented “We are very sorry to be updating everyone with such disappointing news.

“The Club has been incredibly determined to try and find an alternative solution for MGLive! this year and sadly, the deeper we have delved into all of the options - different venues, dates, hosting an entertainment only event - the less feasible putting on MGLive! in 2019 has looked. It has been incredibly challenging to find a venue that has capacity to hold a race and/or entertainment event in the peak of the season, with the capability to put on a large scale event in such a challengingly tight timeframe. We’ve spoken to a number of venues; and it has become very clear that moving the entire event at short notice just isn’t possible.

“It is such a shame, with so many members and classic car enthusiasts purchasing tickets in advance in record numbers. We are deeply sorry to all of those ticket holders who had supported the Club and event, and they will all be refunded very soon. It would be incredibly helpful if ticket holders were able to bear with us a little longer and allow us to get in touch with them directly regarding refunds rather than contacting the Club office to discuss. This would really help us with processing refunds in an orderly fashion.

“We’d also like to thank the members of the Club for their overwhelming support and all their many suggestions of venues and introductions to venues up and down the country.

The support from venues, classic car events and the classic car community has been truly awe-inspiring and all we can say is we are incredibly grateful and thanks to everyone involved for all their support and help.”

The Club are planning to regroup and refocus efforts for 2020 into a new format International MG meeting, keeping the best elements of MGLive! but bringing in some fresh, new ideas to widen the event’s appeal. 

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