Group C at Le Mans 2014 – This year’s Entry List and Form Guide!

With Historic Racing sponsoring Radio Le Mans’ coverage of the Group C race at this year’s Le Mans 24-Hours, here is a list of the runners, with an exciting mix of group C1 and C2 making up the 25-car entry. Our own Paul Tarsey will be part of the commentary team for the race, which has qualifying at 16.00 (local time) on Thursday (July 12th) and the race itself at 10.05 on Saturday morning. Just as for much of the Group C period the Porsches numerically dominate the grid, with a brace of 956s and a host of the later 962s. A car bound to catch the eye is the number 22 962 of Mark Sumpter and Derek Bell, the ex-Joest car was the last 962 to win in the WEC and with the five-times winner, who has shared the car before with Sumpter, aboard, will bring back memories for many veteran race goers. Bob Berridge has his Jaguar XJR-14 entered, the model running in qualifying at Le Mans in 1991 but not actually racing as the TWR squad favoured the XJR-12 as their race car that year. Scaldingly quick through the corners, the car will be right up with the usual front-runners which include a pair of Sauber C11s, Berridge again entered in one. The gorgeous Aston Martin AMR-1 of Paul Whight could be one to watch for, especially with the rapid Tom Kimber-Smith alongside him. The Group C2 cars have three different Spices making up the numbers, Aaron Scott always good value in the 1986 Pontiac Fiero styled SE86, with Mike Donovan the pace setter in his SE88 and often among the C1 cars in the races. Le Mans 2014 – Group C Entry List Class 1 2 Shaun Lynn Mercedes C11 (1990) 5 Peter Harburg Porsche 962 (1988) 7 Manuel Monteiro Porsche 962 (1990) 9 Kriton Lendoudis Porsche 956C (1982) 12 Russell Kempnich Porsche 956C (1984) 14 Tommy Dreelan Porsche 962 (1988) 15 Adrian Watt Spice SE89P (1989) 16 Zak Brown Porsche 962 (1986) 17 Christophe D'Ansembourg Porsche 962 (1990) 18 Paul Whight / Tom Kimber-Smith Aston Martin AMR1 (1989) 21 Paul Stubber Lola T711 (1984) 25 Katsu Kubota / Joaquin Folch Nissan R90CK (1990) 31 Gareth Evans / Bob Berridge Mercedes C11 (1989) 33 Henrik Lindberg Porsche 962 (1989) 51 Stéphane Verbeeck Porsche 962 (1990) 60 Eric Rickenbacher Cheetah G606 (1990) 77 Max Werner / Moritz Werner Mazda 767B (1989) Class 2 111 Mike Donovan Spice SE88 (1988) 116 Pierre-Francois Rousselot Spice SE89C (1989) 170 Aaron Scott Spice SE86 (1986) Class 3 21 Richard Eyre Jaguar XJR-16 (1991) 22 Mark Sumpter / Derek Bell MBE Porsche 962 (1989) 23 Bob Berridge Jaguar XJR-14 (1991) (Withdrawn) 29 Frank Lyons / Michael Lyons Gebhardt C91 (1992) 38 Peter Garrod Jaguar XJR-12 D (1991)

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