Goodwood Revival - Sunday Results Round-Up

The final day of the 2018 Goodwood REvival saw yet more great racing, with a restarted ST Mary's Trophy race two, a superb Ferrai versus Lotus battle in the Glover Trophy - and a charging Phil Keen bringing his Lister Knobbly home ahead in the meeting closing Sussex Trophy race

Sunday Results:

Chichester Cup
1 Andrew Hibbard (Lotus-Ford 22) 15 Laps
2 Cameron Jackson (Brabham-Ford BT2) +0.522s
3 Sam Wilson (Lotus-Ford 20)
4 Michael O’Brien (Lotus-Ford 22)
5 Chris Goodwin (Lotus-Ford 22)
6 Richard Bradley (Brabham-Ford BT2)
Fastest Lap: Wilson 1m23.759s (102.29mph)

Richmond & Gordon Trophies
1 William Nuthall (Cooper-Climax T53 ‘Lowline’) 12 Laps
2 Nick Padmore (Lotus-CLimax 16) +0.149s
3 Rod Jolley (Cooper-Climax T45/51)
4 Tony Wood (Tecnica-Meccanica Maserati)
5 Ben Mitchell (BRM P48)
6 Julian Bronson (Scarab-Offenhauser)
FL: Nuthall 1m24.071s (101.91mph)

St Mary’s Trophy Part Two
1 Olivier Hart (Alfa Romeo 1600 GTA) 6 Laps
2 Roger Wills (Mercury Comet Cyclone) +3.250s
3 Steve Soper (Ford Lotus Cortina)
4 Mike Jordan (Ford Lotus Cortina)
5 Andrew Wolfe (Ford Lotus Cortina)
6 Nick Swift (Morris Mini Cooper)
FL: Hart 1m32.080s (93.04mph)

Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration
1 Hart/Hart (AC Cobra) 31 Laps (Includes Five Second Penalty)
2 Minshaw/Keen (Jaguar E-Type) +18.371s
3 Whitaker/Jordan (TVR Griffith 400)
4 Twyman/LOtterer (AC Cobra)
5 Folch-Rusinol/Padmore (Jaguar E-Type)
6 Davies/Plato (Chevrolet Corvette Stingray)
FL: Hart 1m25.492s (100.21mph)

Glover Trophy
1 Joe Colasacco (Ferrari 1512) 15 Laps
2 Andy Middlehurst (Lotus-Climax 25) +1.317s
3 Jon Milicevic (LDS-Climax F1)
4 Timothy de Silva (Lotus-BRM 24)
5 Richard Attwood (BRM P261)
6 Ben Mitchell (Lola-Cosworth T60)
FL: Colasacco 1m22.590s (103.74mph)

Sussex Trophy
1 Phil Keen (Lister-Jaguar Knobbly) 18 Laps
2 Roger Wills (Lotus-Climax 15) +1.592s
3 Oliver Bryant (Lotus-Climax 15)
4 Sam Hancock (Ferrari 246S Dino)
5 Julian Majzub (Sadler-Chevrolet Mk3)
6 James Cottingham (Tojeiro-Jaguar)
FL: Keen 1m24.430s (101.48mph)

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