Saturday Goodwood Revival Race Round-Up

It was a damp Saturday at the 2016 Goodwood Revival, the rain starting to fall while the Goodwood Trophy runners, the first race of the day, were on track and then continuing for most of the day. We round-up the race results (note, St Mary’s Trophy part one results in seperate report):

Goodwood Trophy Race Result (20 Minutes)
(Grand Prix and Voiturette cars up to 1951)
1 Calum Lockie (Maserati 6CM) 11 Laps in 21.24.336s (73.99mph
2 Matt Grist (Alfa Romeo Tipo B) +6.929s
3 Tom Dark (Bugatti Type 73C) +7.463s
4 Paddins Dowling (ERA Type-B R10B) +10.269s
5 Nicholas Topliss (ERA A-Type R4A) +11.677s

Fastest Lap: Mark Gillies (ERA A-Type R3A) 1m50.471s (78.21mph)

Madgwick Trophy Race Result (20 Minutes)
(Under three-litre sports cars, 1960 to 1966)
1 Andrew Newell (Lotus-Ford 23B) 11 Laps in 21m49.530s (72.57mph)
2 Andrew Hibberd (Lotus-Ford 23B) +4.711s
3 Max Bartell (Elva-BMW Mk75) +13.081s
4 Chris Goodwin (Lotus-Ford 23B) +13.706s
5 Joe Twyman (Elva-Ford Mk7) +18.302 (20-second penalty applied, contravention of MSA regulation C1.1.5)

Fastest Lap: Newell 1m55.095 (75.06mph)

Lavant Cup Race Result (20 Minutes)
(BMW and Bristol powered sports cars from 1930-1950s with drum brakes)
1 Malcolm Harrison (Cooper-Bristol T25) 10 Laps in 20m20.374s (70.79mph)
2 Martin Hunt (Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica) +1.144s
3 Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (Frazer Nash Targa Floria) +30.769s
4 Philip Champion (Frazer Nash Mille MIglia) +31.512s
5 William Nuthall (Tojeiro-Bristol) +1m05.281s

Fastest Lap: Harrison (1m59.400s) 72.36mph)

Whitsun Trophy (25 Minutes)
(Unlimited sports prototypes up to 1966)
1 Rob Huff (Lotus-Oldsmobile 19) 13 Laps in 25m.06.701s (74.54mph)
2 Mike Whitaker (Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder) + 0.787s
3 Tiff Needell (Ford GT40) +11.738s
4 Chris Ward (Ford GT40) +15.629s
5 Laurie Bennett (McLaren-Chevrolet M1B) +38.120s

Fastest Lap: Whitaker 1m51.891s (77.21mph)

Freddie March Memorial Trophy (15 Minutes)
(Sports racers in the spirit of the Goodwood nine-hours, 1952 tp 1955)
1 Richard Woolmer (HWM-Cadillac) 7 Laps in 15m09.762s (66.47mph)
2 Rob Hall (Aston Martin DB3) + 0.0380s
3 Steve Boultbee Brooks (Aston Martin DB3S)+1.193s
4 Gregor Fiskin (Maserati 300S) +4.602s
5 Martin Hunt (HWM-Jaguar) +9.367s

Fastest Lap: Boultbee Brooks 1m55.980s(74.49mph)

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