Goodwood Revival Sunday Race Results

We round out our listings of all the results form the 2019 Goodwood Revival with a full listing from Sunday’s eight events:

Earl of March Trophy: 500cc Formula 3 cars
1 Peter de la Roche (Cooper-JAP Mk5) 9 Laps
2 Gordon Russell (Kieft-Norton CH54) +15.206s
3 Chris Wilson (Cooper-Norton Mk8)
4 Edwin Jowsey (Iota Wasp JAP)
5 Mike Fowler (Cooper-Norton Mk5)
6 Michael Russell (Mackson-Norton)
Fastest Lap: de la Roche 1m42.811s (83.33mph)

Richmond & Gordon Trophies: Grand Prix cars of a type that raced between 1952 and 1960
1 Sam Wilson (Lotus-Climax 18) 18 Laps
2 Gary Pearson (Cooper-Climax T53 Lowline) +4.423s
3 Tom Dark (Cooper-Climax T51)
4 Rod Jolley (Cooper-Climax T45/51)
5 Manuel Elicabe (Cooper-Climax T51)
6 Mark Daniell (Cooper-Climax T45)
Fastest Lap: Wlson 1m23.237s (102.93mph)

Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy: two races for motorcycles of a type that raced between 1960 and 1966
1 Lee/Johnstone (MV Agusta 500/3) 14 Laps
2 Parrish/Cooper (Norton Manx 30M) +0.601s
3 Brogan/Bain (Norton Manx 30M)
4 Hickman/Clews (Norton Manx 30M)
5 Pedrosa/Folch-Rusinol Jnr. (Hannah-Paton 500)
6 Todd/Thomas (Norton Manx 30M)
Fastest Lap: Lee/Johnstone 1m29.164s (96.06mph)

Brooklands Trophy: pre-war Bentley sports carsBentleys
1 Martin Overington (Bentley 4 1/2 Blower) 10 Laps
2 Oliver Llewellyn (Bentley 4 1/2 Litre) +4.165s
3 Ben Collings (Bentley Speed Model)
4 Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (Bentley 4 1/2 Parkward Saloon)
5 Nick Swift (Bentley 4 1/2 Litre)
6 Paul carter (Bentley 4 1/2 Litre)
Fastest Lap: Llewellyn 1m53.632s (75.40mph)

Royal Automobile Club TT Celebration: closed-cockpit GT cars in the spirit of the RAC TT races, 1960-1964
1 Wilson/Lotterer (AC Cobra) 42 Laps
2 Shephard/Dumas (AC Cobra) +12.450s
3 Wakeman/Treluyer (Lister-Jaguar Coupe)
4 Whitaker/Jordan (TVR GRiffith)
5 Halusa/Pirro (Jaguar E-Type Lightweight
6 Fisken/Franchitti (AC Cobra)
Fastest Lap: Minassian/Hart (Tojeiro-Ford) 1m25.521s (100.18mph)

St Mary's Trophy presented by Motul: two races for saloon cars of a type that raced between 1950 and 1959 - Combined Result:
1 Minassian/Jordan (Austin A40) 29 Laps in 47m22.210s
2 Cleland/Rainford (Volvo PV5445) 47m51.831s
3 Fassler/Manderson (Austin A40) 48m23.752s
4 Kristensen/Myers (Austin A40) 48m38.584s
5 Graham/Butterfield (Jaguar MK1) 48m42.998s
6 Reid/Law (Jaguar Mk1) 48m54.190s

Whitsun Trophy presented by Sky Cinema: unlimited sports prototypes of a type that raced up to 1966
1 Karun Chandhok (McLaren-Chevrolet M1A) 17 Laps
2 Mike Whitaker (Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder) +1.630s
3 Cameron Jackson (Crossle-Oldsmobile 55)
4 John Spiers (McLaren-Chevrolet M1B)
5 Tony Sinclair (Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder)
6 Darren Turner (Lotus-Oldsmobile 19)
Fastest Lap: Whitaker 1m20.771s (106.07mph)

Freddie March Memorial Trophy: sports cars in the spirit of the Goodwood Nine Hour races 1952-1955
1 Gary Pearson (Jaguar D-Type) 14 Laps
2 John Pearson (Jaguar D-Type) +4.055s
3 Richard Wilson (Maserati 250S)
4 James Cottingham (Ferrari 500 TRC)
5 John Young (Jaguar C-Type)
6 Bill Shephard (Ford Thundrebird ‘Battlebird’)
Fastest Lap: Wilson 1m30.226s (94.96mph)

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