Goodwood Gets Surreal

Was it carpark or Concours?  Was it cricket or motorsports legends having a good fun on the worlds oldest Cricket Pitch established in 1702?  Those were the questions I was left with after watching some inspiring and some funny cricket.  Yes I am one of the few Americans that can follow and even explain the sport to others.  I really like the stuff.

So there I was watching legends of the motoring world, Bell, Redman, Franchitti, and Jardine to name but a few, on the pitch in the shadow of Goodwood House, fun times for all! But what really took my breath away was the car park for 1966 and earlier automobiles it was my first (of what I have been assured will be many) of the weekend. 

It was a great way to ease into a total emersion weekend.  I hope you enjoy as I did!


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