Amelia Island's Dream Parking

The Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is less than a month away, with and our presenting sponsor Reliable Carriers bringing you the all-important judging with our exclusive live stream which starts at noon on March 10th (United States Eastern Time). The Concours is a masterpiece of organisation and logistics with the hugely-popular Cars and Coffee event taking place of the Saturday, leaving the event crew just hours to move one set of vehicles out and move the cars in the Concours and associated features into place ready for Sunday’s huge crowds.

This does mean that some very high-profile cars need a temporary home close to to the Concours venue, and a nearby car park for a while becomes one of the most valuable in the world as it hosts an amazing collection of cars - scroll through our images at the top of the page for pictures from 2018 of just a few of the race cars you are very unlikely to find in your local multi-storey car park, a display that is awesome on so many levels.

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