75th Members' Meeting Schedule

The coming weekend sees the 75th Goodwood Members’ Meeting, with 12-races over the two days. Saturday is mostly devoted to qualifying and demonstration runs, but does feature two races, the Derek Bell Cup for one-litre Formula Three cars from 1964 to 1970, and then in the evening the first of the two Gerry Marshall Trophy races, the opener a 60-minute two-driver bash for Group 1 saloon cars. 

If you are one of the lucky ticket holders - the event is now sold out - then Sunday lunch time looks a feature with the 20-minute Scott Brown Trophy for Listers that read up to 1966, quickly followed by the SF Edge Trophy for pre-1923 racers that proved such a highlight last year.

The final race of the weekend provides a poignant touch, the Surtees Trophy for Can-Am cars, John Surtees himself having won the inaugural title in 1966.

Saturday 18 March 2017
07:00hrs Car Parks Open
07:30hrs Event Opens
09:00hrs Official Practice: Derek Bell Cup (15 mins)
09:25hrs Official Practice: Gerry Marshall Trophy (30 mins – two-driver)
10:05hrs Official Practice: Weslake Cup (15 mins)
10:30hrs Official Practice: Brabham Trophy (15 mins)
11:00hrs Spectator Grid Walk
11:25hrs High Speed Demonstration: 3-Litre Sports Prototypes (10 mins)
11:45hrs Official Practice: Hailwood Trophy (15 mins)
12:10hrs Official Practice: Scott Brown Trophy (15 mins)
12:35hrs Official Practice: S.F. Edge Trophy (15 mins)
13:00hrs Official Practice: Graham Hill Trophy (30 mins – two-driver)
13:45hrs High-Speed Demonstration: GT1 (10 mins)
14:05hrs Official Practice: Varzi Trophy (15 mins)
14:30hrs Official Practice: Pierpoint Cup (15 mins)
14:55hrs Official Practice: Surtees Trophy (15 mins)
15:25hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A Part 1 (10 mins)
15:45hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A Part 2 (10 mins)
16:15hrs Race 1: Derek Bell Cup (20 mins)
16:55hrs Spectator Grid Walk
17:30hrs Race 2: Gerry Marshall Trophy (60 mins, two-driver)
18:30hrs Track Closes and Evening Entertainment Commences

Sunday 19 March 2017
07:00hrs Car Parks open
07:30hrs Event Opens
09:00hrs Race 3: Weslake Cup (20 mins)
09:40hrs Race 4: Brabham Trophy (20 mins)
10:25hrs Race 5: Hailwood Trophy (20 mins)
11:05hrs Spectator Grid Walk
11:25hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A (10 mins)
11:40hrs High Speed Demonstration: Group A Part 2 (10 mins)
12:05hrs Race 6: Scott Brown Trophy (20 mins)
12:45hrs Race 7: S.F. Edge Trophy (20 mins)
13:25hrs Spectator Grid Walk
13:40hrs High Speed Demonstration: GT1 (10 mins)
14:10hrs Race 8: Graham Hill Trophy (45 mins, two-driver)
15:15hrs Race 9: Varzi Trophy (20 mins)
15:55hrs Race 10: Gerry Marshall Sprint (15 mins)
16:30hrs High Speed Demonstration: 3-Litre Sports Prototypes (10 mins)
17:00hrs Race 11: Pierpoint Cup (20 mins)
17:40hrs Race 12: Surtees Trophy (20 mins)
18:10hrs Track Closes
18:30hrs Prize Giving in The Great Hall

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