'Cars in the Claydons' Set for 2016

The Claydon Estate in Buckinghamshire will host a new for 2016 motoring and motorsport event  with ‘Cars in the Claydons’ scheduled for the first Saturday of September - with a preview afternoon and VIP event the day before.  ‘Cars in the Claydons’ will play host to vintage, historic, classic and modern vehicles. Racing cars will form an important part of ‘Cars in the Claydons’, with motoring and motorsport personalities also attending.

Formally launched this week in Claydon’s historic courtyard, ‘Cars in the Claydons’ will bring together the local community and enthusiasts for a memorable and enjoyable day of motoring themed entertainment. The event is to be organised by The Claydon Estate in association with James Beckett and James Beckett Motorsport.

“All of us at Claydon are hugely excited about creating this new event," said Nicholas Verney of the Claydon Estate, "not least me as I have always been interested in classic and vintage cars and thought that my family home would be a superb location for a car event. When I met James and he told me that he had often thought the same it seemed like a really exciting opportunity to get together and turn some of our ideas into reality. I hope that everyone will enjoy the event we plan to put on and join us each year as it evolves into the festival we believe it has the potential to become.”

“I am thrilled to be able to work with the Verney family in delivering a special event here at Claydon," said James Beckett. "‘Cars in the Claydons’ has grown out of original idea by my son Freddie, and we hope will offer something for the whole family. We know that to be successful in this field, you have to work hard, but our desire is for the event to grow in stature and popularity. We are working on a five year plan to grow ‘Cars in the Claydons’ into one of Britain’s finest motoring and motorsport festivals. We are starting with a blank sheet of paper and many options are open to us as we move forward, and we are very fortunate in having such a superb location to organise this event!”

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