Video: Wet Conditions for Friday Morning Qualifying at Goodwood

It has been a wet morning of qualifying as the 2017 Goodwood Revival roars into life, with conditions changing as the conditions eased before rain lashed in again. 

The Kinrara Trophy runners - who race early this evening - were first out and it was the Jaguar E-Type runners who were quickest, a last-minute lap from Rob Huff putting the Jaguar he shares with Richard Meins on pole. Click on the Video tab to see Tom Kristensen in Kinrara qualifying action.

The single-seaters saw Stauart Roach in dominant form in the Chichester CuP, the Formula Junior racer almost two seconds quicker an the rest in the conditions, while Ben Adams just out-paced Miles Griffith in the Madgewick Cup session.

The first of two qualifying sessions of the St Mary’s Trophy races saw the diminutive Austins to the fore on the wet track with last years; winner Andrew Jordan an impressive two and half seconds quicker than anyone else. Anthony Reid was the first of the Jaguars in fifth.

Friday Morning Qualifying:

Kinrara Trophy
1 Richard Meins/Rob Huff (Jaguar E-Type) 1m48.236s
2 Gregor Fisken/Tom Kristensen (Jaguar E-Type) 1m48.341s
3 Nigel Greensall/Chris Milner (Jaguar E-Type) 1m48.607s
4 Simon Hadfield/Wolfgang Friedrichs (Aston Martin DB4GT) 1m48.892s
5 Oliver Bryant/Martin O’Connell (Jaguar E-Type) 1m49.471s
6 Phil Keen/John Minshaw (Jaguar E-Type) 1m50.126s
7 Frank Stippler/David Franklin (Ferrari 250 SWB) 1m50.147s
8 Andrew Smith/James Cottingham (Jaguar E-Type) 1m50.219s
9 Martin Hunt/Pat Blakeney-Edwards (AC Cobra) 1m50.412s
10 William Nuthall/Tony Wood (Jaguar E-TYpe) 1m50.722s

Chichester Cup
1 Stuart Roach (Alexis-Ford NK3) 1m50.057s
2 Peter de la Roche (BMC Mk2) 1m52.023s
3 Andrew Hibbard (Elva 300) 1m52.645s
4 Pete Morton (Ausper-Ford T3) 1m52.907s
5 Andrew Robertson (Crossle-Ford Mk4) 1m55.410s
6 Andrew Taylor (Cooper-Ford T55) 1m57.100s
7 Andrew Wilkinson (Lynx-Ford MK3) 1m59.028s
8 Crispian Besley (Cooper-BMC T55) 1m59.399s
9 Trevor Griffiths (Emeryson-Ford) 1m59.404s
10 James Hick (Caravelle-Ford MkIII 1m59.540s

Madgewick Cup
1 Ben Adams (Lola-Climax Mk1) 1m54.837s
2 Miles Griffith (Lola-Climax Eleven) 1m54.878s
3 James Bellinger (Lola-Climax Mk1) 1m55.041s
4 Ian Dalglish (Lotus-Climax 17) 1m56.424s
5 Ron Gammons (Lotus-Climax Eleven) 1m59.424s
6 Dion Kremer (Lotus-Climax 17) 2m02.308s
7 Peter Horsman (Lotus-CLimax 17) 2m02.587s
8 Robi Bernberg (Cooper-Climax T39 Bobtail) 2m02.926s
9 Philip Champion (Lotis-Climax Eleven) 2m03.183s
10 Malcolm Harrison (Rejo Mk3) 2m04.499s

St Mary's Trophy - Part One (Saturday Race)
1 Andrew Jordan (Austin A40) 1m52.534s
2 Rob Huff (Austin A40) 1m55.069s
3 Matt Neal (Austin A40) 1m55.942s
4 Michael Caine (Austin A40) 1m56.598s
5 Anthony Reid (Jaguar MK1) 1m56.836s
6 Frank Stippler (Jaguar Mk1) 1m56.880s
7 Marino Franchitti (Austin A35) 1m57.800s
8 Jason Plato (Austin A95 Westminster) 1m57.843s
9 Patrick Watts (Studebaker Golden Hawk) 1m58.941s
10 Andy Priaulx (Ford Zodiac) 1m 59.014s 

The live video stream for the Goodwood Revival is on the home page.

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