Afternoon Goodwood Revival Qualifying

Photo: Drew Gibson

The poor weather continued into the afternoon at the 2017 Goodwood Revival, to the extent that qualifying for the Sussex Trophy was postponed until first thing tomorrow morning (Saturday 9th September). 

The sessions that were completed were feats of skilled driving by the lead drivers.

Afternoon Qualifying

Goodwood Trophy
1 Paddins Dowling (ERA B-Type R5B ‘Remus’) 1m55.415s
2 Mark Gillies (ERA Type A-Type R3A) 1m56.559s
3 Calum Lockie (Maserati 6CM) 1m57.020s
4 Nicholas Topliss (ERA D-Type R4D) 1m57.24s
5 Tom Dark (Bugatti Type 73C) 1m59.117s
6 Michael Gans (ERA B-Type R1B) 1m59.164s
7 Christian Glaesel (Alfa Romeo P3 (Tipo B)) 2m00.198s
8 Heinz Bachmann (ERA B-Type) 2m00.655s
9 Julian Majzub (Alfa Romeo 308C) 2m01.090s
10 David Morris (ERS B-Type R10B) 2m02.609s

Whitsun Trophy
1 Mike Jordan (Ford GT40) 1m49.526s
2 Nicholas Padmore (Ford GT40) 1m50.424s
3 Mike Whitaker (Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder) 1m 50.698s 
4 Chris Ward (Ford GT40) 1m52.454s
5 Christopher Wilson (Ford GT40) 1m53.421s
6 Joaquin Folch-Rusinol (Ford GT40) 1m53.710s
7 Darren Turner (Ford GT40) 1m54.353s
8 Stuart Hall (Ford GT40) 1m55.262s
9 Shaun Lynn (Ford GT40) 1m55.621s
10 Jason Wright (Ford GT40) 1m57.477s

Freddie March Memorial Trophy
1 Chris Ward (Cooper-Jaguar T33) 1m51.321s
2 Rob Hall (Aston Martin DB3) 1m52.689s
3 Steve Boultbee-Brooks (Aston Martin DB3S) 1m54.227s
4 Richard Woolmer (HWM-Cadillac) 1m55.531s
5 Martin Hunt (HWM-Jaguar) 1m55.898s
6 Pat Blakeney-Edwards (Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica) 1m57.007s
7 Carlo Vogele (Maserati 300S) 1m57.179s
8 Jochen Mass (Mercedes-Benz 300SL) 1m57.343s
9 Lujas Huni (Maserati A6GC5) 1m57.593s
10 Gregor Fisken (Jaguar C-Type) 1m57.613s

Brooklands Trophy
1 Pat Blakeney-Edwards (Frazer-Bash Saloon) 1m57.155s
2 Christopher Mann (Alfa Romeo 8C 26000 Monza) 2m04.310s
3 Mark Gillies (Aston Martin Brooklands) 2m05.725s
4 Thomas Kern (Mercedes-Benz 710 SSKL) 2m06.280s
5 Ben Collings (Bentley Speed Model) 2m07.714s
6 Moritz Werner (Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Monza) 2m09.001s
7 Theo Hunt (Frazer Nash TT Replica) 2m09.001
8 Niklas Halusa (Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Mk1) 2m10.845s
9 Jeremy brewster (Lea Francis Hyper) 2m10.923s
10 Jonathan Turner (Triumph Dolomite 8C 55 Corsica Roadster) 2m11.012s

Richmond Trophy
1 Mike Griffiths (Lotus-Climax 16) 1m43.884s
2 Tony Wood (Tec-Mec Maserati) 1m44.889s
3 Julian Bronson (Scarab-Offenhauser) 1m45.126s
4 Nick Adams (Ferguson-Climax P99) 1m47.326s
5 Joaquin Folch-Rusinol (Lotus Climax 16) 1m47.642s
6 Eddie McGuire (Scarab-Offenhauser) 1m47.758s
7 Simon Hadfield (Aston Martin DBR4) 1m47.823s
8 Geraint Owen (Kurtis-Offenhauser) 1m48.710s
9 Gareth Burnett (Kieft-Climax) 1m49.283s
10 Simon Diffey (Connaught B-Type) 1m50.056s

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