Video: Escort and Porsche Win Tour de Course Historique Categories

The 18th Tour de Course Historique finished on Saturday with over 150 cars taking on 17 special stages giving a total of 215 competitive miles. With cars from 1947 to 1990 eligible, the VHC category was the domain of the Ford Escorts, who filled the first four places overall, Pierre-Manuel Jenot and Slobodan Milosa Vljevic taking the win.

The VHRS category was won by the Kauffman/Piret Porsche 911, that had an impressively score of 727 with no penalties.

Pictures: Fred Chambert

1 Pierre-Manuel Jenot/Slobodan Milosa Vljevic (Ford Escort RS Mk2) 3h56m33s
2 Jean-Paul Villa/Dominique Savignoni (Ford Escort RS2000) 3h58m30s
3 Joel Marchetti/Francois-Xavier Buresi (Ford Escort Mk1) 4h00m30s
4 Dominique Maercelli/Benjamin Aubeuf (Ford Escort Mk2) 4h01m24s
5 Jean-Marc Thome/Mathieu Tyran (Porsche Carrera RS 3.0) 4h08m15s
6 Paul Chieusse/Solenne Szys (Renault R5 Turbo) 4h11m30s

VHRS 2018
1 J-C Kauffamn/J-M Piret (Porsche 911) 727 Total Score
2 T Besnier/W Besnier (VW Golf) 1038
3 B Indahl/O Andresen (porsche 911 Carrera SC) 1323
4 B Fretin/J Buleon (Porsche 911) 1935
5 T Hotvedt/L Neset (Porsche 911) 2325
6 C Planchon/R Beyers (Porsche 911 SC) 2705 

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