Goodwood Revival Friday Qualifying Round-Up

Friday’s Goodwood Revival track activity is dominated by numerous qualifying sessions, with just the Kinarara Trophy as an actual race at in the early evening. 

St Mary's Trophy is a running a two race format with a different driver in the car for each race, one race each day of weekend, hence two qualifying sessions.

Friday Qualifying Results:

Kinrara Trophy Qualifying:
(Closed cockpit GT cars up to 1962)
1 Joe Macari/Tom Kristensen (Ferrari 250 GT SWB/C) 1m30.318s (95.66mph)
2 Tom Alexander/Adrian Wilmott (Aston Martin DB4GT) +1.404s
3 Ian Dalglish/Roger Wills (Aston Martin DB4GT) +1.134s
4 Rob Hall/Katarina Kyvalova (Jaguar E-Type) +1.138s
5 Wolfgang Friedrich/Simon Hadfield (Aston Martin DB4GT) +1.557s

Goodwood Trophy Qualifying:
(Grand Prix and Voiturrete cars up to 1951)
1 Calum Lockie (Maserati 6CM) 1m32.175s (93.73mph)
2 Mark Gillies (ERA A-Type R3A) +1.142s
3 Christian Glasel (Alfa Romeo Tipo B) +1.363s
4 Tom Dark (Bugatti Type 73) +1.485s
5 Paddins Dowling (ERA B-Type R10B) +2.284s

Madgewick Cup Qualifying:
(Sports prototypes under three litres from between 1960 to 1966)
1 Chris Goodwin (Lotus-Ford 23B 1m23.773s (103.18mph)
2 Andrew Newell (Lotus-Ford 23B) +1.386s
3 Max Bartell (Elva-BMW Mk75) +1.695s
4 Andrew Hibberd (Lotus-Ford 23B) +1.902s
5 Mark Owen (Elva-BMW Mk75) +2.455s

St Mary’s Trophy Qualifying:
(Austin A30 and A35 models)
Part 1:
1 Gordon Shedden (A30) 1m43.295s (83.64mph)
2 Andrew Jordan (A30) +0.717s
3 Steve Soper (A35) +0.735s
4 Nicolas Minassian (A30) +1.510s
5 Sam Tordoff (A35) +2.273s

Part 2:
1 James Colburn (A30) 1m44.882s (83.37mph)
2 Charles Knill-Jones (A35) +0.193s
3 Ben Colburn (A35) +0.354s
4 James Dorlin (A35) +0.380s
5 Mike Jordan (A30) +0.793s

Lavant Cup Qualifying:
(BMW and Bristol engine 1930s to 1950s sports cars with drum brakes)
1 Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (Frazer Nash Targa Floria) 1m44.882s (82.27mph)
2 Martin Hunt (Frazer Nash Le Mans Replica) +0.068s
3 Philip Champion (Frazer Nash Mille Miglia) +2.664s
4 Malcolm Harrison (Cooper-Bristol T25) +2.744s
5 William Nuthall (Tojerio-Bristol) +3.064s

Whitsun Trophy Qualifying:
(Unlimited sports-prototypes up to 1966)
1 Mike Whitaker (Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder) 1m22.690s (104.48mph)
2 Tony Sinclair (Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder) +0.602s
3 Rob Huff (Lotus-Oldsmobile 19) +1.592s
4 Chris Jolly (Cooper-Chevrolet T61 Monaco) +1.693s
5 Andrew Smith (Ford GT40 ) +2.009s

Freddie March Memorial Trophy Qualifying:
(Sports cars in the spirit of the Goodwood Nine-Hours race from 1952 to 1955)
1 James Cottingham (Ferrari 500 TRC) 1.33.742s (92.16mph)
2 Steve Boultbee Brooks (Aston Martin DB3S) +0.761s
3 Richard Woolmer (HWM-Cadillac) +1.918s
4 Martin Hunt (HWM-Jaguar) +2.164s
5 Rob Hall (Aston Martin DB3) +3.052s

Chichester Cup Qualifying:
(Formula Junior cars from 1958 to 1962 with front-engines)
1 Stuart Roach (Alexis-Ford Mk2) 1m30.304s (95.67mph)
2 Ray Mallock (U2-Ford Mk2) +1.136s
3 Chris Drake (Terrier Mk4 Series 1) +1.642s
4 Andrew Hibbard (Lola-Ford Mk2) +2.227s
5 Jonathan Hughes (Lola-FordMk2) +2.263s

Richmond Trophy Qualifying:
(Front-engined 2.5-litre Grand Prix cars, 1954to 1960)
1 Tony Wood (Tecnica Meccanica-Maserati) 1m33.110s (92.79mph)
2 Rob Hall (Ferrari 246 Dino) +0.676s
3 Julian Bronson (Scarab-Offenhauser) +1.525s
4 Joaquin Folch-Rusinol (Lotus-Climax 16) +2.888s
5 Nick Adams (Ferguson-Climax Project 99) +3.257s

Glover Trophy Qualifying:
(1.5-lites Grand Prix cars, 1961 to 1965)
1 Martin Stretton (Lotus-BRM 24) 1m25.255s(101.34mph)
2 Nick Fennell (Lotus-Climax 25) +0.404s
3 Miles Griffiths (Lotus-BRM 24) 0.523s
4 Richard Attwood (BRM P261) +0.590s
5 James King (Brabham-Climax BT7) +1.313s

Sussex Trophy Qualifying:
(World Championship sportscars from 1955 to 1960)
1 Chris Ward (Lister-Jaguar ‘Costin’) 1.25.723s (100.78mph)
2 Oliver Bryant (Lotus-Climax 15) +0.363s
3 Julian Majzub (Sadler-Chevrolt Mk3) +0.839s
4 Gary Pearson (Lister-Jaguar ‘Knobbly’) +1.229s
5 Roger Wills (Lotus Climax 15) +1.803s

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