Field of A35s for St Mary's Trophy at Revival

Of all the racing highlights scheduled for September’s 2016 Goodwood Revival, the St.Mary's Trophy is expected to be the most closely fought race in Goodwood History. While big powerful racecars are alway a dramatic sight, a wise man once said ‘small engines make good racing’ - and a field of them in the Trophy race is all the better.

This year, the ever-popular St. Mary's Trophy race will be battled out by a full grid of 30-identical Austin A35s. The cars will all be built to HRDC Academy regulations, meaning they will have the same engine, gearbox, breaks, fuel tank, dampers, front and rear springs, interior and body panels. With such evenly-matched machinery, the results really will be all in the driving.

As ever, the St. Mary's will be a two-part race, with VIPs competing on the Saturday, and owner-drivers having their turn on Sunday. The result is then declared on aggregate. One of the VIPs doing battle will be Andrew Jordan, 2013 BTCC Champion and Goodwood Ambassador.

"As always the Goodwood Revival is one of the highlights of my racing season,” said Andrew. “It's such a well-put-together event with a huge variety of cars, the attention to detail blows my mind more each year. 

“My highlight and I think quite a fan favourite is the St. Mary's Trophy. For the past two years I have paired up with my Dad which has been fantastic and we have had podiums and wins, and this year we have built an Austin A30 for the one-make-race, and can't wait to get there to race in a grid full of identical cars with a lot of Touring Car stars. It really should be something special to watch."

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