Exclusive Video: Jurgen Barth, Norbert Singer and the Porsche 962!

Hopefully this week you enjoyed Bill Oursler’s behind the scenes look on HistoricRacingNews.com at how the mighty Porsche 956 made it’s transformation to the Porsche 962 so that it could race in the American IMSA series - Tale of Two Champions 

The 962 went on to become one of the top prototypes of all time with win records that went unequaled until the arrival of the Audi R8.  

Two men who were instrumental in the transition of the Porsche 956 to the 962 were Jurgen Barth and Norbert Singer. Barth was the man who brokered the deal with IMSA Founder John Bishop to allow the 962 to race in the popular Camel GT Series in the GTP class.  Singer was the Porsche design genius tasked with facilitating the metamorphosis of the 956 into the 962.  

Our Jim Roller sat down with them to get their memories of that time in this HistoricRacingNews.com EXCLUSIVE.

Header picture: DailySportscar.com/David Lord

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